Where do I start?

These lists of books are specially selected by our librarians.

College Admissions
Recommended Free Library books for learning strategies to prepare for the SAT and other entrance exams. Also, find resources to help you choose and pay for the right college.

  • College Guide: Get help in choosing the right college.
  • Financial Aid: Discover ways to pay for school.
  • For Parents - Financial Planning: Prepare for your child's future education.
  • Studying Abroad: Find helpful tips for your overseas adventure.
  • Test Prep: Score your best on the SAT and other entrance exams.
  • College Knowledge
    How to get into college and have a great experience

  • College Admissions: How to choose a college and get admitted.
  • College Success: The challenges of surviving academically and socially in college.
  • Financial Aid: Books of scholarships and advice on getting money for school.