The Office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is the primary source of housing resources from the Federal government. HUD offers information about home buying and selling, home improvement, mortgages, avoiding foreclosure and Fair Housing. HUD also has information on homelessness. Please view resources from HUD @

The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) is the Commonwealth's leading provider of capital for affordable homes and apartments. The Agency operates homeownership programs, rental housing development initiatives, and a foreclosure prevention effort. PHFA provides homebuyer counseling and education services for low to moderate income families. Please view resources from PHFA @

The City of Philadelphia has several agencies that offer housing resources and information. The Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation (PHDC) develops new and rehabilitates existing housing for low to moderate income families. PHDC provides basic system repairs and weatherization services to current homeowners and direct rehabilitation of vacant homes through the Home Start Program. Please view information about PHDC @

The Federal government has information for consumers about avoiding mortgage foreclosure.

Pennsylvania Senator, Robert Casey provides Protecting your family's assets in times of financial turmoil.

Consumer information about mortgage foreclosure is also available from Gov Gab , the Office of Housing and Urban Developmentand Federal Reserve System.

Additionally, view our Recession Resources guide under "Housing Resources".


Source: Links from Federal, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia housing programs