Owners of residential properties which are subject to Philadelphia Sheriff's Sale to enforce a residential mortgage who live in the property may be eligible to have the Sheriff Sale postponed and may receive help to save their home. Qualified homeowners MUST file a Certification of Premises As Residential - Owner Occupied and Request For Conciliation Conference form  with the Prothonotary (Room 278 City Hall) as soon as possible, but no later than ten days before the date of the Sheriff's Sale to have the Sheriff's Sale of their home postponed

In addition, the Federal government provides information to help you avoid mortgage foreclsoure. See Guide to Avoiding Foreclosure from the Office of Housing and Urban Development.

Freddie Mac offers information on avoiding mortgage foreclosure and Gov Gab has posted a blog about mortgage foreclosure.

Pennsylvania Senator Robert Casey has published Protecting Your Family's Assets in Times of Financial Turmoil.

A search of The Free Library of Philadelphia (FLP) catalog retreives over fifty resources about mortgage foreclosure. FLP's Electronic Resources offer many sources of information about mortgage foreclosure

To help you avoid mortgage foreclosure scams, The Comptroller of the Currency has issued a Consumer Advisory..

The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency offers Mortgage Refinance Options (REAL) to residents of our State.