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No superhero has spun a more irresistible web, drawing in new fans through popular films and books.

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Book Cover
The Amazing Spider-Man by Lee, Stan
Notes: Twelve short stories about Spider-Man by different authors. Includes an introduction by creator Stan Lee.
ISBN: 0785109889
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Published: 2002
Callnumber: 741.5973 Am15s
Book Cover
Ultimate Spider-Man by Jemas, Bill
Notes: Spider-Man's character and storylines have been updated for the modern world in this collection.
ISBN: 0785110941
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Published: 2000
Callnumber: 741.5973 J398u
Spider-Man, Return of the Goblin by Jenkins, Paul
Notes: The Green Goblin faces Spider-Man once again.
ISBN: 0785110194
Publisher: Marvel Books
Published: 2002
Callnumber: McN 59594802P McN 59654090T
Spider-Man's Tangled Web Vol. 2 by Jones, Bruce
Notes: Enjoy adventures by a number of different authors.
ISBN: 0785108742
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Published: 2002
Callnumber: McN 59594837P McN 59654112T
The Amazing Spider-Man by Straczynski, Michael J.
Notes: Noted comic writer Michael Straczynski puts his spin on the webslinger series.
ISBN: 0671248847
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Published: 1979
Callnumber: 741.5973 St81a