Where do I start?

These lists of books are specially selected by our librarians.

Asian Americans
Books on or about Asian Americans

  • Asian American Resources for Teens: Recommended especially for middle and high school students
  • College Admissions
    Recommended Free Library books for learning strategies to prepare for the SAT and other entrance exams. Also, find resources to help you choose and pay for the right college.

  • College Guide: Get help in choosing the right college.
  • Financial Aid: Discover ways to pay for school.
  • Studying Abroad: Find helpful tips for your overseas adventure.
  • Test Prep: Score your best on the SAT and other entrance exams.
  • Comics
    Excellent titles you can find at the Free Library.

  • Recommended Anime: Japanese animated films and shows bring the manga style to vivid, dramatic life.
  • Spider-Man: No superhero has spun a more irresistible web, drawing in new fans through popular films and books.
  • Superhero Comics: Classic comic books offer action and thrills as heroes and heroines battle evil forces. These selections were reviewed by Philadelphia teens.
  • Extreme Sports
    Learn about the thrills and spills of the world's most dangerous pastimes.

  • Glide and Roll: Explore the world of ice and in-line skating.
  • Hit the Water: Fun over and under the waves.
  • Need for Speed: Motor sports from NASCAR to motorcycles.
  • Off the Ground: Piloting, skydiving and aerial acrobatics.
  • Pedal Power: Cycle fast and hard.
  • Skateboarding: Learn how to surf the concrete.
  • Wild Winter Sports: Skiing, snowboarding and hockey.
  • Immigration
    Explore immigration issues of the United States from the founding of the country to the present day political debates. Immigration is also the theme of the 2007 One Book, One Philadelphia literacy program - check out related workshops, performances, and discussions held at all of the Free Library's locations.

  • For Teens: Culture Shock: Great reads that highlight experiencing different cultures.
  • Staff Picks for Teens
    Our best of young adult books!

  • Graphic Novels for Fantasy Fans: Reach beyond the usual superhero adventures with these fantasty graphic novels.
  • If You Liked Twilight: Books for fans of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series
  • Top Manga at the Library: Manga is a Japanese cartoon style - brilliant, creative and explosive.
  • Teen Fashion
    Books about clothes and looking good.

  • Beauty Tips: Fashion, makeup, and skin-care ideas to help you look your best.
  • Careers in Beauty and Fashion: Turn your dreams into a reality.
  • Getting Along In the World: Learn about etiquette, civility, self-esteem, and friendship.
  • Health and Fitness: Get fit, stay healthy, feel good.
  • The Color of Water
    The Color of Water- Booklist

  • Teen Titles: Books that tackle multiracial issues.
  • The Hip Hop Generation
    You love the music, but how well do you really know hip hop? Start your education with these books from the Free Library.

  • Hip Hop's Kings and Queens: Royalty from Dr. Dre to Queen Latifah.
  • History and Culture: Learn the evolution of the music.
  • The Music: CD's you can borrow.
  • The Poetry of Hip Hop: They were poets before they were stars.
  • The Price of a Child
    One Book, One Philadelphia 2003

  • Books for Adults and Teens: Selections that focus on African American history in Pennsylvania.
  • The Things They Carried
    Our 2005 One Book, One Philadelphia selection.

  • Teen Selections: More books to sink your teeth into.
  • Tween Fantasy
    Fantasy for kids and teens ages 10 to 14

  • Faeries, Dragons, Magicians, oh my!: A list of fantasy fiction for tweens and teens.
  • Historical Fantasy for Tweens: Click here to find out what dragons and fairies did before there was Facebook and Wii.
  • Tween Folklore Fantasy: Remember all those talking animals and disguised witches from when you were young? Try out some of these folklore-based fantasies.
  • Tween Novels Based on Greek and Roman Myths: From Athena to Zeus (or was it the other way around?), enjoy these adventures starring familiar gods and goddesses.