Extreme Sports: Glide and Roll
Explore the world of ice and in-line skating.

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Skate: Your Guide to In Line, Aggressive, Vert, Street, Roller Hockey, Speed Skating, Dance, Fitness Training and More by Shafran, Michael
Notes: A look at all kinds of inline skating, presenting the fundamentals, special moves and required gear for each.
ISBN: 0792251075
Published: 2002
Callnumber: 796.21 Sh13s
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In-Line Skating: Techniques and Tricks by Murdico, Suzanne J.
Notes: Study the history, safety gear, basic techniques and beginner tricks of in-line skating.
ISBN: 0823938441
Published: 2003
Callnumber: 796.21 M84i
In-Line Skating by Herran, Joe
ISBN: 0791069990
Published: 2003
Callnumber: 796.21 H433i
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Artistry on Ice by Kerrigan, Nancy
Notes: From the basics to advanced moves and choreography, Nancy Kerrigan shares her knowledge of competitive figure skating.
ISBN: 0736036970
Published: 2003
Callnumber: 796.91 K468a
Laura Stamm's Power Skating by Stamm, Laura
Notes: Professional skating coach Laura Stamm helps you develop explosive speed with techniques and practice drills that will hone your skills.
ISBN: 0736037357
Published: 2001
Callnumber: 796.9622 ST23L
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In-Line Skating! Get Aggressive by Kaminker, Laura
Notes: Intended for advanced and aggressive in-line skaters, but also offers information for beginners.
ISBN: 0823930122
Published: 1999
Callnumber: 796.21 K128i
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Winning Roller Hockey: Techniques, Tactics, Training by Easter, Dave
Notes: Learn all the important skills and strategies with 68 practice drills and more.
ISBN: 0880116579
Published: 1997
Callnumber: 796.21 Ea765w
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In-Line Skater's Start-Up: A Beginner's Guide to In-Line Skating and Roller Hockey by Werner, Doug
Notes: Examines the fundamentals of in-line skating, and discusses the rules and skills of roller hockey.
ISBN: 1884654045
Published: 1995
Callnumber: 796.21 W495i