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  • The Chilean novelist discusses love, literature, and the role of the writer in search of truth.

  • Lightfoot discusses her use of "human archaeology" to reveal the lives of six African American achievers.

  • Jules Feiffer leads a panel discussion on the dedication to editorial cartooning.

  • The medical writer discusses the spread of new diseases--such as Ebola, or the "Hot Zone Virus"--in an increasingly smaller global community.

  • A panel discussion led by Dr. Art Caplan, Director of the Center for Bioethics. Panelists include Janet Abraham,M.D.,David A. Asch, M.D., John Lombard, Jr., J.D., James McCartney, Ph.D., Sally Nunn, RN, and Lois Snyder, J.D.

  • The famous Philadelphia-born comedian is interviewed by Channel 6 anchor Marc Howard on the old neighborhood, Philly foods, and local accents.

  • Ken Burns is an American filmmaker who revolutionized the documentary film genre with his series, Baseball, Jazz, and Unforgivable Blackness .

  • Susan Sontag discusses her experience as a theater director in war-torn Sarajevo.

  • The acclaimed journalist and social critic diverges into an enthusiastic discussion of the importance of literature.