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  • • Recorded Oct 24, 1997

    Doris Kearns Goodwin discusses her love of history and baseball and the confluence of the two in her book Wait Till Next Year: A Memoir

  • The bestselling Philadelphia author discusses her beat-the-clock courtroom thriller.

  • Cornel West discusses Race Matters in this 1997 recording from our archive.

  • James Carroll discusses in his first non-fiction book his experience of being an anti-war priest in the 60s.

  • The novelist discusses the sixth book in his Albany Cycle.

  • The much-admired author chronicles the intersections between her personal memoirs and national history, from fifty years of presidents to her post as the head of the Washington Post .

  • Pulitzer Prize-winning author Gary Wills speaks about John Wayne's lasting iconic power.

  • The author of the bestselling book, Moo , leads a discussion on the consciousness, culture and implications of serious novel writing.

  • From the Booker Prize-winning Irish novelist is the story of a woman emerging from an abusive marriage, which the San Fransisco Chronicle called "a tale where the sadness and despair are redeemed because they are never denied."

  • In an interview with Radio Times host Barbara Bogaev, Eco discusses his lyrical tale of a dreamer in search of meaning.

  • The celebrated Nobel Prize-winner is interviewed by Wendy Steiner.

  • The great expatriate chronicler discusses his imaginary memoir of alternate decisions.

  • The political historian talks about her Pultizer Prize-winning biography of Franklin and Eleanore Roosevelt.

  • An acclaimed mystery writer, Walter Mosley explains the importance of giving back in the black community.

  • The acclaimed writer discusses her origins and the power of stories.

  • The Pulitzer Prize-winning author discusses her fictionalized autobiography of Daisy Goodwill Flett, an unconventional everywoman.

  • Gates discusses his collaboration with Cornel West on the growing chasm in the black community between the elite and the underclass.

  • The Chilean novelist discusses love, literature, and the role of the writer in search of truth.

  • Lightfoot discusses her use of "human archaeology" to reveal the lives of six African American achievers.

  • Jules Feiffer leads a panel discussion on the dedication to editorial cartooning.