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You spoke, and we heard you!  Effective today, we are again offering loan periods of up to three weeks instead of two weeks for our ebooks and downloadable books offered through our… continue reading Returning to three week loan period for ebooks!

By written by Anne L.    April 10, 2014    5

We are delighted that OverDrive ebook circulation continues to grow -- a 33% increase in use over this same time a year ago-- and we anticipate continued growth. This great increase comes at a… continue reading EBook Loan Changes

By written by Anne L.    December 17, 2013    39

Everyone, OverDrive, the Free Library's primary vendor for ebook and downloadable audiobooks, has emailed us about a security breach of customer data on Adobe servers.  Here is te message… continue reading For OverDrive ebook users: An OverDrive update regarding the reported security breach of Adobe data

By written by Anne L.    November 27, 2013    2

LibraryReads is back with its second monthly list of recommended new titles that will be published during October.  Public librarians from all across the country are reading copies of new… continue reading LibraryReads! Recommended new titles for October

By written by Anne L.    September 16, 2013   

A fringe benefit of being a public librarian is that we get to learn about and read new books before they are published. It is part of the job so that, within the limits of our materials budgets,… continue reading LIBRARYREADS, Librarians recommend new books

By written by Anne L.    August 16, 2013   

Be part of a select group!  The Free Library invites you to help us test a new, national survey designed to learn more about reading habits and the many ways people use their public… continue reading Announcing Online Library Customer Survey

By written by Anne L.    September 17, 2012    7

I'm pleased to report that "Get for Kindle’ for all Penguin eBooks in our catalog has been restored as of this morning. According to OverDrive, our ebook provider, "Penguin titles… continue reading Penguin ebooks again available for Kindle users

By written by Anne L.    November 23, 2011   

Kindle users, especially, will want to read this news flash:  the Free Library learned Monday afternoon that Penguin Publishers has notified OverDrive, the vendor through which we provide… continue reading Penguin ebooks situation unfolds

By written by Anne L.    November 21, 2011    6

Public libraries, including the Free Library, have long been stymied that the ebooks we offer were not usable on Kindles. This was an industry issue that we ourselves were not able to… continue reading Good news for Kindle owners!

By written by Anne L.    April 21, 2011    8

HarperCollins publisher announced a week ago that it was changing its sales restrictions to libraries that loan e-books. Previously, when we libraries purchased HarperCollins e-books, that… continue reading HarperCollins makes changes to library e-book sales and lending

By written by Anne L.    March 7, 2011    19

This is that time of the year when we start to see a multitude of "Best of...." lists.  One of my favorites is always The New York Times "Notable Books of..." for… continue reading 100 Notable Books of 2008

By written by Anne L.    December 4, 2008    23

The great thing about the wide array of DVDs available at the Free Library  is that there is truly something for everyone, from every genre, stretching back to the silent era (look for the… continue reading DVDs – New Arrivals!

By written by Anne L.    November 7, 2008    39

On Sunday,  Tony Hillerman , the writer who brought the southwest and the Navajo Indian nation to life for many readers, died at the age of 83.   I began reading his books many… continue reading Tony Hillerman

By written by Anne L.    October 28, 2008   

Regular readers of the New York Times may have read this week's article "From the Streets to the Libraries" which described why so many public libraries are buying… continue reading Street Lit at the Free Library

By written by Anne L.    October 25, 2008    19

Congratulations to the Please Touch Museum , which is currently celebrating its move to a gloriously restored Memorial Hall in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park.  One of my favorite exhibits… continue reading Centennial Collection and Please Touch Museum

By written by Anne L.    October 15, 2008    6

The New York Times has just announced the 2008 winner for the Nobel Prize for Literature:  Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio .   The Free Library currently owns a limited… continue reading Nobel Laureate named for Literature

By written by Anne L.    October 9, 2008    6

This week, libraries across the country are "celebrating" Banned Books Week.  Beginning in 1982, the American Library Association, along with booksellers, publisher and… continue reading Banned Books Week

By written by Anne L.    October 1, 2008    27

Two extraordinary writers have recently released new novels, years after their earlier books established their literary reputations. It's been fifteen years since Fae Myenne Ng's debut, Bone , and… continue reading What I'm Reading Now

By written by Anne L.    September 26, 2008    30 has changed how people buy books (of course, we know that you borrow MOST of the books you read from the Free Library of Philadelphia!).  But even if you don't buy books from… continue reading Best Books of the Year...So Far?

By written by Anne L.    September 12, 2008    28

The Fall season brings so many good things ... cooler weather, freshly picked apples ... and the anticipation of a big book publishing season.  The Sunday's Philadelphia Inquirer (9/7/08)… continue reading Upcoming Fall books

By written by Anne L.    September 10, 2008    29