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Are you looking for a way to stay cool and get creative this summer? Perhaps checking out some of the Free Library’s DIY (do-it-yourself) books will get you inspired! For example, let's… continue reading A DIY Guide to a Crafty Summer

By written by Brittney M.    June 28, 2016   

The Free Library offers a plentiful amount of resources that are easily accessible for citizens of Philadelphia. As a result, the Library enriches individual’s worldly knowledge, increases… continue reading Some Alternative and Independent Music Selections from Free Library

By written by Brittney M.    July 21, 2015   

Personally, I am unable to compartmentalize the important language of conservation and the skills that come along with it. I have though applied skills adopted from interning at Collection Care… continue reading Brittney’s Brain: How the Language of Conservation Impacts Other Aspects of my Life

By written by Brittney M.    July 16, 2015    1

As I continue to intern and unearth fascinating and innovative conservation techniques, I have come to truly realize the significance of conservation. While digitizing the collection, I have had… continue reading Brittney’s Brain: The Perspective of an Intern in the Collection Care Department

By written by Brittney M.    July 2, 2015    2