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It has been a while since our first attempt to launch our new online catalog .  During our first launch in April, we discovered some hardware limitations that were holding us back.  (In… continue reading Our New Catalog Launches Monday - Take 2!

By written by Carolyn P.    July 18, 2012   

We apologize if you were trying to use the new catalog this morning and were caught in a virtual traffic jam.  We’ll keep you posted as we work on a few lingering bugs that are causing… continue reading New Catalog Launch Delayed

By written by Carolyn P.    April 23, 2012   

The beta period for our new online catalog is drawing to a close. During the last six weeks, we’ve read your comments and suggestions, blushed at your kind flattery, fixed some bugs, and… continue reading Our New Catalog Launches Monday

By written by Carolyn P.    April 19, 2012   

For the past few years, we have heard from many of you about the things you want our online catalog to do. Searching should be as easy and intuitive as possible. You’d like the… continue reading Introducing the Free Library's New Catalog

By written by Carolyn P.    March 5, 2012    20

A few weeks ago, we moved our online catalog to a different server, as part of a project that we are working on to improve the hardware and upgrade the software. We’re now preparing for… continue reading Online Catalog Migration: The Sequel

By written by Carolyn P.    February 3, 2012    2

Do you remember the old-fashioned library card catalogs – huge wooden cabinets lined with long drawers full of index cards, listing all the books in the library by title, author, and… continue reading And now, a word from the Information Technology Department

By written by Carolyn P.    January 13, 2012    3

Last year, a pair of red-tailed hawks made a nest on a window ledge at the Franklin Institute, just across from the Parkway Central Library in Logan Circle. With the help of a webcam,… continue reading Hawks are our neighbors at the Parkway Central Library

By written by Carolyn P.    March 22, 2010    3

Looking for some great kid-tested, librarian-approved books for Thanksgiving?  The children's librarians at the Free Library have put together a list of their favorites.  Their… continue reading Thanksgiving Books, Songs, and Rhymes for Kids

By written by Carolyn P.    November 12, 2009    4