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The crisp autumn air has blown away any cinematic stink from a fairly lackluster summer at the box office . In the remaining few months of the year, cineplexes will screen more than their fair… continue reading

By Peter SM   October 3, 2014    1

Bonjour! Al Salaam A'alaykum! Ciao! Jambo! Today’s children’s book reviews highlight kids’ books which feature multiple languages. Mostly for English language-speaking… continue reading

By Sarah S.   October 3, 2014   

The Job Readiness Online workshops have begun at the Institute for the Development of African American Youth (IDAAY). This weekly instructional series focuses on the digital literacy skills needed… continue reading

By Scott P.   October 1, 2014    1

The air is filled with a crisp Autumn breeze as it flips the calendar page to October. Traditional and unique holidays this month include World Smile Day the first Friday of the month, the Jewish… continue reading

By Jennifer W.   October 1, 2014