Summer Cookbooks: Diversity, Seasonality, and Personality

By Paul M. RSS Tue, June 12, 2018

As summer is approaching and the season of dinner parties and cookouts are among us, it is imperative that one must stack up on cookbooks. There are numerous new cookbooks out on shelves, but this list is a compilation of the five cookbooks that every home cook should check out. These cookbooks express diversity, seasonality, and personality; all traits that will make you a great home cook. So instead of having panic attacks and scrambling to find a recipe on Google, let these cookbooks be your guide to dinner party success!


The Pho Cookbook
Andrea Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American writer and chef who brings popular, aromatic street food to your own home. Not only does it give a brief history lesson on Vietnamese street food, it also offers weeknight fixes to grand feasts. This James Beard Award-winning cookbook is your ticket to Pho heaven!





Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat
Writer and Chef, Samin Nosrat, creates a comprehensive book that deconstructs the four elements of cooking (fat, salt, acid, and heat) and how to master them. She is known for teaching many culinary professionals how to cook, including food writer Michael Pollan. Culinary legend, Alice Waters, has even declared her "America’s next great cooking teacher."





The Juhu Beach Club Cookbook
This cookbook takes you through India and back with its collection of Indian classics with American flair. Chef Preeti Mistry, along with Sarah Henry, created a cookbook inspired by Mistry’s Indian background. Join the club by trying out these delicious combinations.






Cooking Solo
Tired of making big meals for just one person? Klancy Miller will show you the joy of cooking for yourself. With 100 recipes to choose from, Klancy offers single-serving meals without the need of doing math. You can also stop feeling bad for yourself being single and get ready to mingle with Klancy’s recipes.




The Saffron Tales
British-Iranian chef Yasmin Khan brings her Iranian heritage to your home. Her travels inside traditional Iranian kitchens bring forth modern twists on traditional Persian cooking. She even has an array of vegetarian recipes as well. Your dinner guests will be impressed if you cook dishes from this book!







All of these cookbooks and more are available in our catalog!

P.S. don't forget about the drinks or your guests will be very disappointed ; )

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