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Every April, people all over the world celebrate Autism Acceptance Month ! You might’ve heard of this annual event called Autistic Awareness Month before. Thanks to the work of… continue reading Neurodiverse Reads for Autism Acceptance Month

By written by Meredith M.    April 17, 2024   

April is Autism Acceptance Month ! In 2008, the United Nations declared April 2 as  World Autism Awareness Day . Learn and explore the wide world of neurodivergent minds with great… continue reading Explore Neurodiverse Programs and More at the Free Library

By written by Yona Y.    March 26, 2024    1

Stories are powerful forces in the lives of young people; they help us connect, learn, heal, dream, and transform. Stories help us become who we most fully are when we see ourselves and… continue reading Autism Acceptance Month: Great Reads for Young People

By written by Erin H.    April 18, 2023   

April is Autism Acceptance Month. Note: This blog post uses identity-first language which is preferred by the autistic self-advocacy movement. "Autistic" is capitalized to represent the… continue reading April is Autism Acceptance Month

By written by Shelley R.    April 3, 2023    1

We are happy to announce the new Autism 365 Collection at the Wynnefield Library! Autism 365 was an idea that Ethel Funches, LA1 and Mary Kachline, LA3, came up with to make Autism Awareness… continue reading New Autism 365 Collection at Wynnefield Library!

By written by Mary K.    January 29, 2020