Statuta nova (New Statutes)

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Statuta nova (New Statutes)

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Item No: mcac090501
Title: Statuta nova (New Statutes)
Script: Anglicana
Language: Anglo-Norman
Folio Number: f. 46r
Source: Rare Book Department
Notes: Initial E with King Edward III
Notes: The manuscript has been dated to ca. 1470. Two illuminators worked on this manuscript. The first painted the court scenes on fols. 46, 104v, 167r, 182r, and 245r; the second artist painted the scene on fol. 147r.
Notes: This page begins the Nova statuta, the English legal statutes beginning with the reign of Edward III (ruled 1327-1377). In this manuscript, the statutes end in the eighth year of the reign of Edward IV (ruled 1461-1483), although pages were left blank at the end of the manuscript for the addition of future statutes.

The initial shows Edward III surrounded by advisors. The tonsured figures on the left represent ecclesiastical advisors, while the figures on the right can be identified as lawyers by the stripes on their sleeves. The coat of arms in the border at the bottom of the page is that of Molyneux of Sefton, Nottinghamshire. A member of this family was presumably the book's first owner.
Sirsi Catalog Key: 1582839
Country: Country:England

Creation Year (Single Year or Range Begin): 1499
Image Dimensions Width: 365 mm
ShelfMark: LC 14 9.5

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