Fragment of Essanay News

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Fragment of Essanay News

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Item No: thce01207v
Title: Fragment of Essanay News
Creation Date: 3/26/1914
Media Type: Advertisements
Source: Theatre Collection

“Oh, Doctor!” Cast: “Billy” Mason as “Swifty” Cleff, a piano-tuner; Charles Stine as Mr. Keyboard, his employer; Beverly Bayne as Beulah, lovesick student; Annie Edney as Mrss Boan, the lady principal; Wallace Beery as The Rev. Jones. 

“Luck in Odd Numbers” Released Wednesday, March 18th. Cast: Eddie Redway as Jimmy, the Messenger Boy; Lillian Drew as Mrs. Edna Green; “Billy” Mason as George Dover, Head Clerk; Ruth Hennessy as Kitty, the maid. 

“Single Handed” Released Thursday, March 19th. Cast: Reina Valdez as The Girl, True Boardman as The Sheriff, Carl Stockdale as The Doctor. 

“A Hot Time in Snakeville” Released Saturday, March 21st. Cast: Victor Potel as Slippery Slim, Harry Todd as Mustand (Mustang) Pete, Margaret Joslin as Mrs. Sophie Clutts, Dan Kelleher as Herman, Virginia Ames as Minnie, Martin Woods as Brutus, Marie Woods as Castoria.

Call Number: Essanay Group 3 Box 8

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