Fragment of Essanay News

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Fragment of Essanay News

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Item No: thce01199v
Title: Fragment of Essanay News
Creation Date: 3/14/1914
Media Type: Advertisements
Source: Theatre Collection

Photo of G. M. Anderson.

“The Long Cold Night” Released Tuesday, March 3rd. Cast: Frank Dayton as The Farmer, Dixie Stewart as His Wife, Thomas Commerford as Her Father, Ruth Stonehouse as The Poor Relation, Charles Hitchcock as the Village Samaritan, John H. Cossar as The Country Doctor. 

“‘Presto’ Willie-Magician” Released Wednesday, March 4th. Cast: “Bobbie” Bolder as Willie’s Dad; Annie Edney as Willie’s Mother; Master Tommy Harper as Willie; Wallace Beery as “Mistro,” a Magician; “Shorty” Bigelow as The Man Monkey. 

“The Conquest of Man” Released Thursday, March 5th. Cast: Reina Valdez as Nora Frazier; True Boardman as Tom Frazier; True Boardman, Jr. as Little Frazier Boy; Lee Willard as Tex Eaton, Foreman. 

“Sophie’s Birthday Party” Released Saturday, March 7th. Cast: Victor Potel as Slippery Slim; Margaret Joslin as Sophie Clutts; True Boardman, Jr. as The Boy; Carl Stockdale as Neighbor.

Call Number: Essanay Group 3 Box 8

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