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Item No: mca1761460
Title: Prayers
Additional Title: Prayers
Script: Bastarda
Language: Latin
Folio Number: ff. 146v-147r
Original Year/Month/Day: 1576
Source: Rare Book Department
Notes: Opening with IHS diagram
Notes: These prayers were added to the manuscript while it was still in St. Amand, France.
Notes: This opening features the monogram IHS standing for the name of Jesus Christ. The monogram is surrounded by cryptic symbols of a flower, a skull, musical notation, and the letter A. The skull and flower suggest the transitory nature of life. These symbols may therefore be considered together as a "memento mori," or a reminder of death. This miniature and the prayers beginning on the facing page and others inserted at the beginning of the manuscript were added to this prayer book in 1576, according to a date inscribed on one of the frames bordering the text of these additions. The name "Carolus Fontanus" inscribed in the border of one of these leaves and the coat of arms seen here point to a sixteenth-century Parisian named Charles Fontaine as a later owner of the manuscript.
Sirsi Catalog Key: 1471765
Country: Country:France
City/Town/Township:St. Amand ?

Creation Year (Single Year or Range Begin): 1599
Image Dimensions Width: 137 mm
ShelfMark: Lewis E 176

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