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  • Distinguished social and political commentator David Halberstam discusses the power of popular culture and the evolution of values.

  • Ron Chernow | Titan

    • Recorded Oct 14, 1998

    The celebrated biographer discusses his tenacious narrative of John D. Rockefeller

  • Seymour Hersh | Rethinking Our History

    • Recorded Sep 24, 1998

    Seymour Hersh is the author of the bestselling expose of President Kennedy, The Dark Side of Camelot . He is the recipient of four George Polk awards and the 1970 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting.

  • Kurt Vonnegut | How To Get A Job Like Mine

    • Recorded Sep 10, 1998

    The author of Cat's Cradle , Slaughterhouse Five and Breakfast of Champions talks about everything under the sun. Listen in. It's a gem.

  • Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the American Book Award for her novel, The Color Purple , Alice Walker reads from some of her many essays.

  • Edna O'Brien | Down By the River

    • Recorded May 14, 1998

    The Irish novelist discusses her controversial, bestselling book which chronicles themes of incest, rape, and poverty.

  • Diane Ackerman | A Slender Thread

    • Recorded May 1, 1998

    The poet and essayist discusses her book about her involvement with a telephone crisis center.

  • The acclaimed authors converse on women's issues and their celebrated books: Roiphe's Fruitful: A Real Mother in the Modern World and Shulman's Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen .

  • Taylor Branch | Pillar of Fire

    • Recorded Feb 26, 1998

    The author and activist discusses the second volume of his monumental civil rights history series.

  • Buzz Bissinger | A Prayer for the City

    • Recorded Feb 5, 1998

    The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist discusses his true epic of Ed Rendell.

  • Spike Lee | Best Seat in the House

    • Recorded Nov 6, 1997

    The acclaimed filmmaker shares his memories from three decades as a basketball fan.

  • The Art of Biography

    • Recorded Oct 24, 1997

    Doris Kearns Goodwin discusses her love of history and baseball and the confluence of the two in her book Wait Till Next Year: A Memoir

  • Lisa Scottoline | Rough Justice

    • Recorded Sep 25, 1997

    The bestselling Philadelphia author discusses her beat-the-clock courtroom thriller.

  • Cornel West | Race Matters

    • Recorded May 15, 1997

    Cornel West discusses Race Matters in this 1997 recording from our archive.

  • James Carroll discusses in his first non-fiction book his experience of being an anti-war priest in the 60s.

  • William Kennedy | The Flaming Corsage

    • Recorded Apr 15, 1997

    The novelist discusses the sixth book in his Albany Cycle.

  • Katherine Graham | Personal History

    • Recorded Mar 31, 1997

    The much-admired author chronicles the intersections between her personal memoirs and national history, from fifty years of presidents to her post as the head of the Washington Post .

  • Gary Wills | John Wayne's America

    • Recorded Mar 16, 1997

    Pulitzer Prize-winning author Gary Wills speaks about John Wayne's lasting iconic power.

  • The author of the bestselling book, Moo , leads a discussion on the consciousness, culture and implications of serious novel writing.

  • From the Booker Prize-winning Irish novelist is the story of a woman emerging from an abusive marriage, which the San Fransisco Chronicle called "a tale where the sadness and despair are redeemed because they are never denied."