Knee-Hi Society

In 1938, Philadelphia public school principal Dr. George E. Brunson visited the Free Library with Knee-Hi, his wire-haired terrier, to assist with a summer reading initiative. Ever since, Knee-Hi has been lovingly referred to as the Free Library's mascot. In the spirit of Knee-Hi and Dr. Brunson, the Knee-Hi Society provides parents and children unparalleled access to the Free Library's literacy resources through fun family activities, insider publications, and invitations to special events

Supporters Circle | $250 to $499 | Join or Renew

All but $10 is tax deductible
  • Complimentary bookplate dedication placed in a children's book entering circulation
  • Children's librarians' list of the hottest books of the year
  • Subscriptions to Off the Shelf magazine, Back to the Stacks member e-newsletter, and the Knee-Hi Society edition of Footnotes, the Free Library's e-newsletter
  • Invitation to the annual President's Storytime and Pizza Party
  • Quarterly Culinary Literacy Center Children's Recipe Card

Patrons Circle | $500+ | Join or Renew

All but $100 is tax deductible

All Supporters Circle benefits, plus:

  • Complimentary Knee-Hi children's tote
  • Copy of an annual One Book, One Philadelphia youth companion book
  • Invitation to the annual Knee-Hi's cooking class hosted in the Culinary Literacy Center
  • Invitations to select Raven and Pepper Society events

For more information, please contact The Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation at 215-567-7710 or

Under IRS rules, donors may not receive benefits as a result of a gift made through a third-party funding source (i.e. donor advised funds, family foundations, United Way). Payments cannot be made toward the tax-deductible portion of a gift through a third-party when there is an associated non-deductible portion. If you wish to participate in a membership society and receive benefits, you may not make the payment through a third-party; the entire amount must be paid personally. If you choose to waive benefits, you may make payment through a third-party but must confirm in writing that no benefits will be received. For more information, please contact the Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation at or 215-567-7710.