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There's a lot to celebrate this month — spring has sprung, Mother's Day is around the corner, and it's Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month!   Young Children… continue reading New Titles Coming to the Free Library in May!

By written by Rachel F.    April 28, 2023   

Due to scheduling conflicts, the next Board of Trustees meeting is now scheduled for Friday, June 2, 2023 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. The meeting will be held in-person at the Levitt Gershman… continue reading Free Library Board of Trustees Public Meeting RESCHEDULED for Friday, June 2 at 8:00 a.m.

By written by Bridget G.    April 25, 2023   

The Free Library of Philadelphia has some wonderful resources for people researching the history of children's literature in America. With just a library card , several databases are… continue reading Profiles in Literature

By written by Chris B.    April 25, 2023   

We’re celebrating National Library Week with kids and families! The annual event instituted by the American Library Association encourages library lovers of all stripes to celebrate these… continue reading Celebrate National Library Week With Your Family

By written by Emily S.    April 24, 2023   

It's one of our favorite weeks of the year —  National Library Week ! This year's theme is " There's More to the Story ," celebrating the… continue reading Happy National Library Week!

By written by Kate C.    April 24, 2023   

Planet Earth is our only home, and it belongs to more than human beings; it is home to all animals and plants, all life forms above and below water. It is such a magic, glorious,… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | Earth Day

By written by Monica C.    April 20, 2023    1

Stories are powerful forces in the lives of young people; they help us connect, learn, heal, dream, and transform. Stories help us become who we most fully are when we see ourselves and… continue reading Autism Acceptance Month: Great Reads for Young People

By written by Erin H.    April 18, 2023   

A scrapbook from 1947 documents the Better Philadelphia Exhibition, a showcase of urban renewal projects planned for Center City. How do you represent a city? How do you take a superstructure of… continue reading The Better Philadelphia Exhibit: A Vision of the Future From 70 Years Ago

By written by Francis B.    April 17, 2023   

Visit one of our libraries to explore our newest database,  Ancestry Library Edition , which provides the most extensive collection of genealogical information currently available… continue reading Ancestry Library Edition

By written by Sharyl O.    April 17, 2023    2

April is National Poetry Month. It is fitting for it to be so, at the start of spring, at the start of renewal and new life. Everyone can be a poet and see poems in the world,… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | National Poetry Month

By written by Monica C.    April 12, 2023   

Some of the most popular titles at the Field Teen Center are manga, or Japanese graphic novels. Manga includes a wide range of genres and art styles with more than 100 titles in our collections.… continue reading Manga 101: Answering Common Questions

By written by Yona Y.    April 11, 2023   

Early in our Interior Chinatown unit, my co-teacher and I talked to our students about the idea of interior and exterior — an important contrast that structures Charles Yu ’s novel.… continue reading Teaching Interior Chinatown — With Appropriate Supports

By written by Administrator    April 10, 2023    2

Happy Library Giving Day! Today is a day to recognize the incredible work done in library systems throughout North America. Here in Philadelphia, the Free Library serves as a center… continue reading Support the Free Library on Library Giving Day!

By written by Kate C.    April 4, 2023   

April is Autism Acceptance Month. Note: This blog post uses identity-first language which is preferred by the autistic self-advocacy movement. "Autistic" is capitalized to represent the… continue reading April is Autism Acceptance Month

By written by Shelley R.    April 3, 2023    1

On April 22, 1970, on the heels of a massive oil spill in California, the first Earth Day brought 20 million Americans to stand up for the protection of a planet polluted and imperiled by… continue reading Celebrate the Earth This April With Kids

By written by Emily S.    April 3, 2023   

Did you know? April 2 is International Children's Book Day . I know I'm biased, but I LOVE children's books, especially picture books. Here in the United States hundreds of… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | International Children's Book Day

By written by Monica C.    April 3, 2023