Hexamer General Surveys, Volume 23, Plate 2187

Maps 1888-1889: Hexamer General Surveys: Volume 23, Plates 2156-2255
Hexamer General Surveys, Volume 23, Plate 2187

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Item No: MHGSAX00026
Title: Hexamer General Surveys, Volume 23, Plate 2187
Additional Title: Hexamer General Surveys, Volume 23
Publication Year: 9/10/1888
Page: 2187
Street Address: Oxford St and Josephine St
Street Address: Oxford St. and Josephine St., SEC, on north side of Tacony Creek
Work Type: Industrial Site Surveys
Source: Map Collection

Corner: SE


Facility Name: James Pollock Mills

Owner: Pollock, James

Tenants: Pollock, James, tenant; Campbell, S. J., tenant; Foster, William (Globe Finishing Works), tenant; Garsed, P.T. (Minnehaha Mills), tenant


  • Textiles-Cotton Goods
  • Textiles-Woolen Goods


Other Plates: 1065-66, 1598-99. 2187


View From: N


Ward: 23

Northside Orientation of Image: North
Alternate Page Number: Plate 2187
City/Town/Township: Geographic Coverage Ward:23rd ward
Geographic Coverage State/Province:Pennsylvania
Geographic Coverage City/Town/Township:Philadelphia
Geographic Coverage Note:Tacony Creek
Geographic Coverage Neighborhood:Frankford
Geographic Coverage Region/County:Philadelphia

Creator Name: Ernest Hexamer