Hexamer General Surveys, Volume 23, Plate 2216

Maps 1888-1889: Hexamer General Surveys: Volume 23, Plates 2156-2255
Hexamer General Surveys, Volume 23, Plate 2216

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Item No: MHGSAX00047
Title: Hexamer General Surveys, Volume 23, Plate 2216
Additional Title: Hexamer General Surveys, Volume 23
Page: 2216
Street Address: Howard St. and Huntingdon St., NEC, through to Hope St.
Work Type: Industrial Site Surveys
Source: Map Collection

Facility Name: George Rickards' Mill, also known as Endurance Mill and as Rock Carpet Mill

Owner: Rickards, George


  • Machinery-Misc
  • Textiles-Cotton Goods
  • Textiles-Woolen Goods
  • Textiles-Carpets

Surveys related to this company: 1557, 2216


1. George Rickards, engineer & machinist

2. John G. Carruth & Co., Endurance Mill, cotton, woolen goods weaver

3. Shaw [Aanon], [S]wire [David O.] & Scott [William], Rock Carpet Mill, ingrain carpets

4. Harley [Howard H.] & Brenner [Joseph], knitting machinery


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Alternate Page Number: Plate 2216
City/Town/Township: Geographic Coverage Ward:19th ward
Geographic Coverage State/Province:Pennsylvania
Geographic Coverage City/Town/Township:Philadelphia

Creation Year (Single Year or Range Begin): 1888
Creator Name: Ernest Hexamer - Publisher