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Explore diverse cooking styles and cuisine throughout Philadelphia, read cookbooks by renowned Philly chefs, learn about the latest nutritional values and advancements, search or browse through The Philadelphia Inquirer's restaurant and food news, and check out some of the newest Foodie trends throughout Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Cooks


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    "Food, drink, gossip and deals in Philadelphia.” Always the first to break local restaurant news.
  • Holly Eats

    Hollister "Holly" Moore, former City Paper restaurant critic, rates his favorite restaurants on a scale of one to five grease stains. Reviews and ratings for restaurants worldwide are included along with an extensive Philadelphia section.
  • PhilaFoodie

    Lawyer and City Paper food critic, David Snyder's, knowledgeable, in-depth thoughts on fine food and wine in Philadelphia.
  • The Inquirer's Restaurants & Food

    Search or browse the Philadelphia Inquirer's restaurant and food news.
  • The Philadelphia Pretzel

    Archived article from the New York Times on the history, culture and joys of the Philadelphia pretzel.

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