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I’m gonna read it... Oh, it’s going to be the next book I pick up... everyone I know has been talking about it, so I will definitely read it... … is maybe what goes through your… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: Why Not Just Watch the Movie?

By written by Julie B.    November 25, 2015   

We like to think that history is fact. History as a thing is merely “events of the past”; and history the subject is the study of those events. But upon closer study, it becomes clear… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: How We Teach Slavery and the Civil War

By written by Julie B.    November 18, 2015    2

In choosing Twelve Years a Slave as a One Book companion text to featured selection Cold Mountain, the Library has sought both to broaden and enhance the discussion of a critical yet awful time in… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: The Resonance of Twelve Years a Slave Today

By written by Julie B.    November 11, 2015    1

This year marked the sesquicentennial of the end of the Civil War. With this sectarian conflict firmly 150 years behind us, one might think the divide itself (if not the… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: Viewing Cold Mountain from The North

By written by Julie B.    November 4, 2015   

I typically consider myself a “high-brow” reader and viewer. I often read classic literature, watch documentaries, and dig into long-form journalism on current social issues. Heck, I… continue reading #FLPNoShameNovember: The Tudors, Too Good

By written by Julie B.    November 2, 2015    1

October 25 marked St. Crispin’s Day , a once-observed feast day, which is also claimed to be the day of the famed Battle of Agincourt—the great battle of Englishmen led by King Henry V… continue reading Joining the “Happy Few”: A Mind Marathon of Shakespeare’s Complete Works

By written by Julie B.    October 30, 2015   

The Civil War never ceases to fascinate storytellers. Hollywood filmmakers, historians, novelists, journalists—all continue to find new angles, new meaning, and unheard haunting accounts to… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: The Enduring Allure of the Civil War

By written by Julie B.    October 28, 2015    1

The 2016 One Book, One Philadelphia selection was announced at the beginning of this month—for its 14 th season, One Book examines our nation’s past and the power of perseverance… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: Beginning to Read Cold Mountain

By written by Julie B.    October 21, 2015   

As you get in gear for the new school year, know that the Free Library has your back! We, too, are gearing up for the homework, projects, and papers the school year brings—not to boost our… continue reading Heading Back to School in a Library State of Mind

By written by Julie B.    August 31, 2015   

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