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Join the Culinary Literacy Center for an Open House on February 12

You might not expect to find blenders, cutting boards, or rolling pins in a library. You probably wouldn't expect to find a full commercial kitchen in one either. But on the fourth floor of Parkway Central Library , you can find all that… continue reading

By Meredith M.    February 2, 2024   

The Kensington / Fairhill / Riverwards Cookbook: A North Philly Community's Labor of Love

By Tuesday C., Kate G., and Sara P. Hola, bonjour, dzien dobry, ni hao! Welcome to the Kensington / Fairhill / Riverwards Community Cookbook : a treasure showcasing the cultural diversity of our neighborhoods. Food is a great tool for… continue reading

By Administrator    January 24, 2024    5   

It's the Season of Giving!

November is here, and the Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation is excited to soak up the last full month of autumn with programs and events at the Free Library! Browse the  event calendar  now and find festive storytimes,… continue reading

By Kate C.    November 8, 2023   

Sugar Don’t Go on Grits: An Archival Look at the Great Migration’s Effect on How We Eat

I am a Black woman living, thriving, and loving in Philadelphia. How we prepare our food has a history, and that history is often long and can be challenging to decipher. We live in a world where food often loses its place of origin. Many… continue reading

By Andrea L.    August 18, 2023   

Free Library of Philadelphia Database Updates

We are very proud of our electronic resources, also known as databases, and want to update you on some changes. As of August 1, 2023,  POWER Library Pennsylvania's Electronic Library will no longer subscribe to some databases, so they… continue reading

By Sharyl O.    August 7, 2023    1   

Celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month with Coquíes and Plátanos

Books are an opportunity to celebrate cultures, share traditions, and travel around the world! They are also an avenue to learn a new language, share your favorite recipes, and become familiar with new animals native to different countries.… continue reading

By Mary Marques    June 1, 2023   

Bake Some STE(A)M Skills Into Your Celebration of Pi Day

Pie: it's as easy as 1, 2, 3.14159.... As a justification to stuff our pie holes this month, we’ve found a convenient pair of homophones — the phonetic rendering of the Greek letter π (used to represent the ratio of a… continue reading

By Lane    March 14, 2023   

Buy Honey Harvested from the Free Library Apiary and Support the Culinary Literacy Center!

The Culinary Literacy Center is all abuzz about one of its most special projects: making honey! A little known fact about Parkway Central Library is that we have an apiary, otherwise known as a collection of honeybee hives, on the rooftop near… continue reading

By Abigail W.    January 23, 2023    9