#LoveTheLibrary: We Asked, You Answered!

By Kate C. Thu, March 2, 2017

Throughout February, we were feeling the Valentine's Day spirit and decided to ask our audience a simple question: Why do YOU #LoveTheLibrary? The response warmed our hearts and reminded us that while we work every day with a unified mission in mind, the library means something different to everyone.

Here’s what you told us:

"You take care of our kids, our future."
- Bill N., via the Free Library Blog

"I love that the library is within easy walking distance of my house and that most everything in it I can use for free."
- Chris D., via the Free Library Blog

"It depends on the library I'm in. Sometimes I love that I can walk to the library. Other times I like the large collections. It's fun and mysterious-feeling to wander through the book stacks."
- Amy D., via Facebook

"I enjoy the cheerfulness of the staff. They seem to enjoy what they do and are always helpful."
- Paula, via the Free Library Blog

"The Fumo Family Library is small and cozy, warm and familiar, just like home. The staff attention is great; they make you feel welcome and are very nice and attentive. It has great activities for the children, too. Great selection of books and movies for all ages."
- Elena, via the Free Library Blog

"This is my 'fortress of solitude' where I go for peace of mind."
- Teresa D., via Facebook

"This location is close to my home and is always well stocked with good CDs and movies. I also put books on hold and always find them when available for pickup. The staff is very friendly and always helpful. I use the computers and printer, which are always in good working order. Also, the security guard is friendly and helpful. Thanks, Charles Santore Library!"
- Philomena M., via the Free Library Blog

"Because it's free, and I could never ever afford to buy all the books I want to read."
- Cliff H., via Twitter

"I just love the wide selection of literature on computer programming and engineering manufacturing thesis data."
- Briant C., via the Free Library Blog

"It’s the family I choose!"
- Jen L., via Facebook

"I love working at the Free Library, reading to babies, having conversations with patrons, and being the first to read new books!"
- Mary W., via Twitter

"Love the employees. They are all friendly & helpful."
- Peggie F., via the Free Library Blog

"Awesome Author Events!"
- Judy B., via Facebook

"I love the library because they can always find the answer to my research questions- or show me where to find them!"
- Charlotte B., via Twitter

"Can get Kindle books!"
- Agnes A., via Facebook

"I mentioned to a friend the Free Library helps patrons stay current on trending topics, and supplement formal education without costly financial investment."
- Chwanda, via Twitter

"The Rare Book Department! Charles Dickens’ stuffed pet raven, who was Edgar Allen Poe's inspiration for a certain spooky poem!"
- Alma, via Twitter

"Whenever I need an answer to a problem/issue/challenge, I go to the library for that answer. There is always a book or DVD available on the subject."
- Lisa A., via the Free Library Blog

"I love my local library, the Wyoming Library. The entire staff is very friendly and attentive. I often find what I am looking for, but in the case of needing to order, it usually arrives without any hassles. I go, I talk, I pick up DVDs & books. I read with my sons, get on the computer, print documents, but I can't leave!"
- Dawn, via the Free Library Blog

"The staff is great – always helpful and full of information in the children's section. A wonderful, resourceful place to take my niece to go pick out books and have a good time."
- Caroline, via the Free Library Blog

"The Torresdale Library does a wonderful job of supporting children with Autism through Sensory Story Time and other family-friendly activities! We are so happy to have Ann Hornbach and her wonderful staff as community partners!"
- Annemarie C., via the Free Library Blog

"The library nurtured my curiosity & love for words, books, news, and music. It gave me a safe place to dream, imagine & be creative."
- Sandy H., via Twitter

"My grandmother said often, 'If you want a liberal arts degree, use your library card....Often.' My grandmother had to withdraw from college for hardship reasons. She would tell you that she resumed her education via her library card!!"
- Kathryn J., via Facebook

"50+ years ago, I spent many happy hours in the Free Library - an important part of my education!"
- Judith J., via Twitter

"The librarians at the Greater Olney Library are the best! They are so helpful and can help you with anything you need. There is always some event going on in this little library."
- Sarah, via the Free Library Blog

"Growing up spending my free time at the library seated on the floor nestled in the stacks with a good book. My happy place."
- Elizabeth, via Twitter

Don’t hesitate to let us know what you’re loving about the Free Library any time of year, or what we could do to make you love it even more! Follow the Free Library on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram today!

Throughout February, we asked why YOU #LoveTheLibrary. Here's what you told us!
Throughout February, we asked why YOU #LoveTheLibrary. Here's what you told us!


This was a fun read! Torresdale Library is truly an asset to the community. Of all the libraries I have been to(and I have been to many), Torresdale Library has the nicest layout, and staff. Every time I come here, I feel at home. They are always helpful and they have SO MANY fun and educational programs! Thank you Torresdale Library for being such an invaluable resource to our community!
t - NE Philly Sat, March 25, 2017

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