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If you're looking at this blog, you may notice something different: more stories, more color, more pictures. We've redesigned our blog ! When you go to Free Library's blog now, you… continue reading

By Peter SM   September 13, 2013    1

There have been a number of news stories over the past few weeks discussing the digital divide that still exists around the world. Studies and statistics show that access to the internet has… continue reading

By Peter SM   August 27, 2013   

The saying goes, "Everyone loves a good mystery". And a recent mystery in the literary world has people rushing to libraries and bookstores to pick up a book called The Cuckoo’s… continue reading

By Peter SM   July 23, 2013   

As reported on this blog back in March, Google Reader announced that they were shutting down their Google Reader service as of July 1st, 2013 . Once we went through the five stages of grief, we… continue reading

By Peter SM   June 25, 2013   

Online Summer Reading is in full swing right now here at the Free Library with kids, teens, and adults from all over Philadelphia reading as much as they can all summer long to meet our… continue reading

By Peter SM   June 12, 2013    1

Google recently announced updates to their Maps API script, with more updates planned this summer for their overall Maps platform. The Free Library uses this API to display Google Maps in various… continue reading

By Peter SM   May 21, 2013   

The Free Library Mobile Services page has recently been updated! There are new step-by-step instructions and screenshots illustrating how to access and bookmark the Free Library's mobile… continue reading

By Peter SM   May 14, 2013    1

If you attended any of the recent Philadelphia Book Festival events, or are planning on attending any of the remaining Philadelphia Science Week or Philly Tech Week events, you've probably… continue reading

By Peter SM   April 24, 2013   

If you haven't viewed our Extras page in a while, we've recently updated it with some new spring-themed photos from our various digital collections . Add a touch of spring to your desktop,… continue reading

By Peter SM   April 9, 2013   

In tech news reported right before the Easter holiday last week, it was revealed that Amazon had bought the social reading website Goodreads . The news was posted on Goodreads official blog ,… continue reading

By Peter SM   April 3, 2013   

"Be afraid... Be very afraid." is the newest addition to the ever-expanding collection of interactive online exhibitions featured on the Free Library's website. The exhibition,… continue reading

By Peter SM   March 26, 2013   

Some sad news came across the internet last week as Google posted on their official blog that as of July 1st, 2013 they would be shutting down their Google Reader service . Google Reader is--or… continue reading

By Peter SM   March 21, 2013    1

Back in November 2012, Google updated its Maps service for browsers, as well as Android powered mobile phones and tablets, with indoor maps and floor plans of over 10,000 locations inlcuding… continue reading

By Peter SM   March 12, 2013   

We are excited to present VuFind , the newest version of our online catalog , starting on Wednesday, February 20th! We've been running VuFind in beta since early last year, so some of you may… continue reading

By Peter SM   February 15, 2013    13

The Free Library of Philadelphia yesterday released its first batch of raw data to the OpenDataPhilly project. As discussed in previous blog posts , the "Open Data" initative's goal… continue reading

By Peter SM   February 5, 2013   

It has been a while since our first attempt to launch our new online catalog .  During our first launch in April, we discovered some hardware limitations that were holding us back.  (In… continue reading

By Carolyn P.   July 18, 2012   

We apologize if you were trying to use the new catalog this morning and were caught in a virtual traffic jam.  We’ll keep you posted as we work on a few lingering bugs that are causing… continue reading

By Carolyn P.   April 23, 2012   

The beta period for our new online catalog is drawing to a close. During the last six weeks, we’ve read your comments and suggestions, blushed at your kind flattery, fixed some bugs, and… continue reading

By Carolyn P.   April 19, 2012   

Our website is constantly evolving to allow you quick access to our resources, and we love when we get feedback and suggestions from patrons. One patron suggested we provide links on our mobile… continue reading

By Camille T.   February 2, 2011    3

We just launched a new RSS feed for our Digital Collections . The feed posts images recently added to our collection so you can stay up to date with our extensive collection. Check out: Digital… continue reading

By Camille T.   January 7, 2011    1