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Did you know that Lloyd Alexander was born on January 30, 1924 right here in Philadelphia? The celebrated children’s author published over three dozen books before he died in 2007, including… continue reading Philadelphia, according to Lloyd Alexander

By written by Adrienne P.    January 28, 2011    1

We are very happy to announce that a new exhibit featuring the work of children's book author and illustrator Tomi Ungerer has just been installed on the ground floor of the Parkway Central… continue reading New Tomi Ungerer Exhibit

By written by Adrienne P.    December 14, 2010   

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you know that we archivists are in a holiday mood. The authors whose papers we're processing also had a soft spot for Christmas. They made… continue reading Christmas in the Archives

By written by Adrienne P.    December 9, 2010   

Not many people know about the Free Library's wonderful collection of Tomi Ungerer papers , currently being processed in the Children's Literature Reseach Collection. But since his… continue reading Happy Birthday, Tomi Ungerer!

By written by Adrienne P.    November 26, 2010    4

One of the great things about being an archivist in the grand “Age of the Internet” is how easy it is to find other archives and communicate with other archivists. This comes in handy… continue reading We Get By With a Little Help From Our (Archival) Friends

By written by Adrienne P.    November 10, 2010   

When you look at a painting, can you tell if the paint is acrylic or tempera? When artwork in a gallery is called “mixed media,” do you start fretting about lazy cataloging? (Which… continue reading Fun with Paint

By written by Adrienne P.    November 4, 2010    2

October is National Archives Month ! Many state archives have created posters like the one to the right to celebrate. And last week, you heard a little bit about our new archives project… continue reading October is Archives Month

By written by Adrienne P.    October 21, 2010   

Archives assistant Celia Caust-Ellenbogen is posting on behalf of the CLIR “Milestones in 20th Century American Children’s Literature” project this week, writing about her… continue reading Lloyd Alexander Papers at the Free Library of Philadelphia

By written by Adrienne P.    October 14, 2010    5