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Poetry is weird. It's that dull thing about a lark or a road your high school teacher made you memorize. It's a bunch of words strung together in such a way to make you feel not-so-bright.… continue reading Poets and Poetry: A Monthly Blog Series

By written by Autumn M.    July 15, 2015    3

Looking out the window across the city on a rainy and dreary day, my mind always turns to Poe. What better author to shine a creepy candlelight on at this time of year than Edgar Allan Poe ? The… continue reading Edgar Allan Poetry

By written by Peter SM    October 11, 2013   

The search for the next Poet Laureate for the City of Philadelphia is on! Are you an enthusiastic, established poet who lives in the city and wishes to be an ambassador for the art form? Do you… continue reading Apply today to be Philadelphia's next Poet Laureate!

By written by Autumn M.    September 5, 2013    1

Teen Tuesday celebrated National Poetry Month with a Spine Poetry Photo Shoot. Let's see your spine poems!   continue reading Spine Poetry Photo Shoot

By written by Aurora S.    April 29, 2013   

April is National Poetry Month! Sharing poems and songs with your preschool-aged children helps get them ready to read. Nursery rhymes and nonsense verse are especially great in the way they… continue reading Preschool Poetry

By written by Sarah S.    April 8, 2013    2

Every year, teen poets and spoken word artists come together to blow us away with their words and performances-- Teen Poetry Slam returns to the Free Library on Friday, April 5! If you’re… continue reading Teen Poetry Slam!

By written by Daniel S.    March 5, 2013   

 Although it may seem like every day brings a new national or international holiday to celebrate, today, March 21, is particularly noteworthy (and comes with UNESCO's seal of approval):… continue reading Happy World Poetry Day!

By written by Grace R.    March 21, 2012   

Whether it's classic poems and literature, ties to Philadelphia, spooky undertones, or a great performance that interests you, the Free Library of Philadelphia's celebration of Edgar Allan… continue reading Happy Birthday to You, Dear Edgar

By written by Administrator    December 29, 2008    13

What better day than October 1, the first of a celebrated spooky month, to open an exhibition on the oft-macabre writer, Edgar Allan Poe? Parkway Central Library’s Rare Book Department is… continue reading Rare Book Department Celebrates Edgar Allan Poe

By written by Administrator    October 2, 2008    3

Thankless too for peace, (Peace long preserved by fleets and perilous seas) Secure from actual warfare, we have loved To swell the war-whoop, passionate for war! from "Fears in Solitude"… continue reading This Means War . . . Poetry

By written by Administrator    November 7, 2007   

William Stafford was born in Kansas in 1914. He attended the Universities of Kansas and Iowa. He was a conscientious objector during World War II and worked in the alternative service camps. He… continue reading Poet of the Week | William Stafford

By written by Administrator    September 13, 2007   

Natasha Trethewey was born in 1966 in Gulfport, Mississippi. She earned an M.A. in English and creative writing from Hollins University, and an M.F.A. in poetry from the University of… continue reading Poet of the Week | Natasha Trethewey

By written by Administrator    September 6, 2007   

Walt Whitman, one of the most famous American poets in the canon, was born in 1819. When he was 12, he started training to be a printer, which prompted him to read the works of Homer, Dante, and… continue reading Poet of the Week | Walt Whitman

By written by Administrator    August 31, 2007   

Jack Agüeros was born in Harlem in 1934. He became a community activist and writer, concentrating on issues surrounding immigration, specifically identifying and exploring the Puerto Rican… continue reading Poet of the Week | Jack Agüeros

By written by Administrator    August 23, 2007   

Robert Penn Warren was born in Kentucky in 1905 and became the youngest member of a group of southern poets called the Fugitives. Warren’s poetry appeared in the group’s magazine, the… continue reading Poet of the Week | Robert Penn Warren

By written by Administrator    August 17, 2007   

Martín Espada was born in Brooklyn in 1957. His father, a leader in the Puerto Rican community, introduced the poet to political activism at a young age. After receiving a B.A. in history… continue reading Poet of the Week | Martín Espada

By written by Administrator    August 9, 2007   

Anne Sexton was born Anne Gray Harvey in Newton, Massachusetts in 1928. She married Alfred Muller Sexton II when she was 19. In 1953, she had a daughter. The following year she was diagnosed with… continue reading Poet of the Week | Anne Sexton

By written by Administrator    August 2, 2007    1

Edward Estlin Cummings, aka E.E. Cummings, was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1894. While at Harvard, he published his first work in 1917 in the anthology Eight Harvard Poets . He volunteered… continue reading Poet of the Week | E.E. Cummings

By written by Administrator    July 19, 2007   

Robert Hayden was born Asa Bundy Sheffey in 1913. His parents separated when he was young, and his mother gave him to her next-door neighbors, William and Sue Ellen Hayden, to raise. Hayden… continue reading Poet of the Week | Robert Hayden

By written by Administrator    July 12, 2007   

Sylvia Plath, one of the most important poets of the 20th century, was born in Massachusetts in 1932. She began publishing poetry at an early age and attended Smith College, where she wrote 400… continue reading Poet of the Week | Sylvia Plath

By written by Administrator    July 6, 2007   

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