Insurance Maps of the City of Philadelphia, 1897, Plate 7 1/2

Maps 1897: Hexamer, Insurance Maps of the City of Philadelphia, Volume 1
Insurance Maps of the City of Philadelphia, 1897, Plate 7 1/2

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Item No: MHIMAA00017
Title: Insurance Maps of the City of Philadelphia, 1897, Plate 7 1/2
Additional Title: Insurance Maps of the City of Philadelphia, 1897: Volume 1
Publication Year: 1897
Page: 17
Work Type: Property Atlases/Maps
Source: Map Collection

American Bank Note Co.: 110-120 Custom House Place
Brown Bros. Co. Building: 328-330 Chestnut Street
Bullitt Building: 131-143 South 4th Street
Burk & McFetridge Co.: 300-308 Chestnut Street
Burrough Building: 123-125 South 5th St
Commercial Bank: 314 Chestnut Street
Drexel & Co. Bankers: 426-434 Chestnut Street
Fire Association of Philadelphia: 407-409 Walnut Street
Fire Insurance Co. of the County of Philadlephia: 110 South 4th Street
Forrest Building: 109-129 South 4th Street
Franklin & Spreckel Sugar Refining Co.: 125-133 Hudson Street
Franklin Fire Insurance Co.: 421 Walnut Street
Girard Bank: 120 South 3rd Street
Guarantee Trust & Safe Deposit Co.: 316-320 Chestnut Street
Haehnlen Building: 418-422 Library Street
Imperial Building: 411-413 Walnut Street
Insurance Co. of the State of Pennsylvania: 136-138 South 4th Street
Investment Co. of Philadelphia: 310 Chestnut Street
Jayne's Building: 242-244 Chestnut Street; 237-239 Dock Street
Jefferson Fire Insurance Co.: 425 Walnut Street
Liverpool Fire Insurance Co.: 331-339 Walnut Street
Lumbermen's Fire Insurance Co.: 427 Walnut Street
Merchant's National Bank: 324-326 Chestnut Street
Philadlephia Dispensary: 127 South 5th Street
Philadelphia Mortgage & Trust Co.: 106-108 South 4th Street
R.D. Wood & Co.: 400-402 Chestnut Street
Reliance Fire Insurance Co.: 429 Walnut Street
Spring Garden Fire Insurance Co.: 431 Walnut Street
Tradesmen's Bank: 426 Chestnut Street
United Firemen's Insurance Co.: 419 Walnut Street
Western Bank: 408-410 Chestnut Street
Wright Building: 305-307 Walnut Street


Northside Orientation of Image: Right
Alternate Page Number: Plate 7 1/2
City/Town/Township: Geographic Coverage State/Province:Pennsylvania
Geographic Coverage City/Town/Township:Philadelphia

Creation Year (Single Year or Range Begin): 1897
Creator Name: Ernest Hexamer & Son - Publisher


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