Book of Hours

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Book of Hours

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Item No: mca2122122
Additional Title: Book of Hours
Script: Rotunda
Language: Latin
Folio Number: f. 212v
Source: Rare Book Department
Notes: St. Margaret
Notes: This miniature decorates the Suffrage to St. Margaret. Suffrages were short prayers to saints that were often included at the ends of books of hours and were typically decorated with portraits of the saints to whom they were addressed. St. Margaret was popular medieval virgin saint and martyr. According to her legend, she was swallowed by the Devil in the form of a dragon. Miraculously, she survived when after making the sign of the cross the beast's belly burst open and she was able to escape alive. She later became the patron saint of pregnant women.
Sirsi Catalog Key: 1606326
Country: Country:France

Creation Year (Single Year or Range Begin): 1499
Image Dimensions Width: 160 mm
ShelfMark: Lewis E 212

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