Atlas of Philadelphia, 19th Ward, 1874, Plate 10

Maps 1874: G. H. Jones, Atlas of Philadelphia, 19th Ward
Atlas of Philadelphia, 19th Ward, 1874, Plate 10

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Item No: MGHJAB00013
Title: Atlas of Philadelphia, 19th Ward, 1874, Plate 10
Additional Title: Atlas of Philadelphia, 19th Ward, 1874,
Publication Year: 1874
Page: 13
Work Type: Property Atlases/Maps
Source: Map Collection

Volume 2 of 4 (only volumes published)

Index to street railways

Beatty's Woolen & Cotton Factory: southwest corner Letterly & Coral Streets
Centennial Carriage Works: east side Kensington Avenue below Adams Street
Eagle Woolen Mills: northwest corner Taylor & Coral Streets
Emsley's Washington Mills: southwest corner Emerald & Letterly Streets
Fidelity Machine Works: north side East Cumberland Street above Amber Street
Fifth & Sixth Streets Passenger Railway Co. Depot: Jasper, Kensington, Sergeant & Cumberland
Hibbs' Iron Foundry: south side Letterly Street below Emerald Street
Kensington Avenue Market: southeast corner East Cumberland Street & Kensington Avenue
Kirkland Cotton & Woolen mills: southwest corner Amber & Adams Streets
Kitchenman Carpet Factory: northwest corner Amber & Letterly Streets
Wilbraham Steam Engine Works: southwest corner Amber Street & East Cumberland Street

Northside Orientation of Image: Top Left
Alternate Page Number: Plate 10
City/Town/Township: Geographic Coverage Ward:19th Ward
Geographic Coverage City/Town/Township:Philadelphia

Creator Name: G.H. Jones - Publisher

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