How to Add Library ebooks to Your Kindle

Downloading library ebooks to a Kindle is a simple process and this guide will help get you started. Before going further though, please note that the Kindle Fire works like an Android tablet and the instructions for downloading to an Android tablet can be found in this previous ebook guide. For all other Kindles including the Paperwhite and the Kindle Keyboard, here's the scoop...Kindle Paperwhite

Downloading to a Kindle requires that you start the process of searching for and checking out an ebook by visiting our Overdrive collection on your computer. Once you find an ebook, select the Kindle format version, login with your library card, check it out, and click the "Get For Kindle' link. You will be taken to Amazon to complete the free transaction. Amazon will give you the option of delivering the ebook to your Kindle via Wi-Fi or by downloading it to your computer where you can plug your Kindle in with a USB cable and drag and drop the ebook into your reader.

For further how-to tutorials, Overdrive has produced a series of helpful videos  under the Kindle eReaders and Kindle reading apps menus that take you through the process step-by-step.