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Happy Children’s Book Week, Philadelphia! Founded in 1919 — thus marking its 105th anniversary this year — Children’s Book Week is the nation’s longest-running national literacy initiative. This year, it falls between  May 6–12 . It has at its core the belief that children’s books… continue reading

By Jennifer E.    May 3, 2024   

An adrenaline rush is defined as a physical feeling of intense excitement and stimulation caused by the release of adrenaline from the adrenal glands. That’s gnarly! Do you know what else is gnarly? Learning how to skateboard! The Cecil B. Moore Library in partnership with The Philadelphia Skateboard Academy joined forces… continue reading

By Brianna V.    April 10, 2024   

The exhibition Into the Night features two paintings by N. C. Wyeth, The Admiral's Ghost and Snow-Drop . The first's title is somewhat explanatory ( It's a ghost! ), but the second is more confusing. Who or what is Snow-Drop? There's a good chance that you already know the answer — just under a… continue reading

By Chris B.    April 2, 2024   

Parenting is a journey filled with surprises, and toddlers have a remarkable knack for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary . One such memorable moment in our household occurred when our little guy unleashed his inner Picasso on the living room wall. While I met the moment with amusement, my husband, on the other… continue reading

By Kimberly G.    February 26, 2024   

Spread the word: Sundays on Stage is back this spring! This season we will host live performances on Saturdays in the Montgomery Auditorium at Parkway Central Library . After nearly four years of virtual performances, Sundays on Stage hosted our first in-person event featuring Keepers of Culture at Wynnefield Library in December 2023!… continue reading

By Kayla H.    February 20, 2024    6

Lunar New Year is celebrated in some parts of Asia, and is important to many Asian immigrants and communities around the world. Lunar New Year is called Chūnjié (Spring Festival) in China and Taiwan, Seollal in Korea, and Tết in Vietnam. This year, the Lunar New Year is celebrated on Saturday, February 10 , and 2024 is the Year… continue reading

By Megan J.    February 6, 2024   

Bright and early on January 22, while many of us were still sleeping, breakfasting, or commuting, librarians and other youth literature enthusiasts gathered excitedly in person at the Baltimore Convention Center, or virtually on the webcast, for the announcement of the American Library Association ’s Youth Media… continue reading

By Jennifer E.    January 26, 2024   

“Dance with me, baby, baby dance with me!” If you’ve ever found yourself enraptured and swaying to the rhythm with your little one, you’re onto something way more profound than just a sweet moment. Dancing with your baby is not only about fun and laughter; it’s a powerful tool that nurtures both… continue reading

By Kimberly G.    January 8, 2024   

For the last year, the shared offices of the Children's Literature Research Collection and the Map Collection have had a consistent litmus test for visitors. When a new visitor enters (either a researcher or a staff member), almost everyone has said one of two things: 1. What are those? 2. You have The Letter People! I share… continue reading

By Chris B.    January 8, 2024   

The Parkway Central Children’s Department has a fun tradition of giving our favorite books very specific awards crafted just for them, and here they are! These are our best reads of 2023. What did you enjoy reading this year?   Naomi S. - Children’s Librarian   Naomi's Awards   Most 2023 This award goes… continue reading

By Administrator    December 27, 2023    1

Pregnancy is an amazing journey filled with excitement, wonder, and the anticipation of meeting your little one for the first time. Even before birth, it’s a time when parents typically start thinking about how they can provide the best possible environment for their baby’s overall well-being and development. Did you know… continue reading

By Kimberly G.    November 6, 2023   

Join the Central Children’s Department  on Thursday, October 26 from 3:30 p.m.–4:30 p.m. (rain date: Friday, October 27) for our yearly Costume Parade! Bookmark the event on the Free Library's website event page or on Facebook . The Central Children's Costume Parade is an annual Fall event started… continue reading

By Liz G.    October 18, 2023   

Reading Promise Week is October 7–15, 2023! Philly’s fourth annual family reading festival is back and bigger than ever. Over 70 free family events are giving away 16,000 children’s books citywide!  If you haven’t heard, Reading Promise Week is a festival on a mission. Each year, community leaders raise… continue reading

By Administrator    October 4, 2023   

Is your family excited to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month with the Free Library? We are too! The mid-month heritage celebration is set from September 15–October 15  in order to include the Independence Days of Belize, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua. But of course, the… continue reading

By Emily S.    September 15, 2023   

Read, Baby, Read at the Free Library knows that early childhood matters! We also know that from day one, you want to set the stage for your baby’s lifelong learning, happiness, and success. We are delighted to kick off this blog series that will introduce (or re-introduce!) you to the Read, Baby, Read program while offering… continue reading

By Kimberly G.    September 12, 2023   

August is Get Ready for Kindergarten Month. It's a big step for little ones and an important milestone for both kids and parents. Some kids are very excited to go, while others need a little time adjusting to a new routine and environment. Even younger siblings can have feelings about not being able yet to join… continue reading

By Monica C.    August 14, 2023   

July is Disability Pride Month, celebrating the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in July 1990. It was a landmark legislation that changed the way people with disabilities were viewed and treated. Thanks to the efforts and determination of those taking pride in being who they are, the legislation was… continue reading

By Monica C.    July 20, 2023   

It's July, it is hot outside, and what could be better than a trip to the beach? Imagine yourself spending a day in the sun, dipping into the ocean, playing in the sand, and having an all-around fun time. Beach days can be loud and boisterous, or they can be quiet and relaxing — it's all good. Sometimes we… continue reading

By Monica C.    July 11, 2023   

One thing I’ve enjoyed lately in my reading is getting to savor the explosion of LGBTQ+ characters who get to be out and themselves on the published page. It gives me great joy to offer these books featuring trans and nonbinary children with supportive adults in their lives! This is far from a complete listing, I limited myself… continue reading

By Naomi S.    June 26, 2023    3

In recent years, Dungeons & Dragons (or D&D ) has transformed from a nerdy niche into a pop culture staple, recognizable in popular shows like the Netflix original series Stranger Things , or the Amazon animated series Vox Machina (based on and starring voice actors from the actual-play D&D podcast, Critical Role ).… continue reading

By Yona Y.    June 26, 2023    2

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