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by Ned Scharff A little boy gazes into a Free Library video screen when suddenly a familiar face appears—that of the boy's father, an inmate in a Philadelphia prison. "Dad,"… continue reading

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by Ned Scharff As the United States begins restoring its historic ties to Cuba, the Free Library of Philadelphia is reaching out as well—by sharing its unique collection of some of the… continue reading

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The Free Library of Philadelphia’s IT department has just completed a wireless upgrade throughout all our 53 neighborhood libraries! To paraphrase an old sci-fi show , "We have the… continue reading

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Carolyn Haywood once described herself as “grand student of Howard Pyle.” Haywood was heavily influenced by several of Pyle’s students: Jessie Willcox Smith (1863-1935),… continue reading

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Hi there! Paul Savedow here, your go-to librarian for career resources. I am the head of the Education, Religion, and Philosophy Department in the Parkway Central Library and run WORKPLACE… continue reading

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Need a quick answer to a question to settle that office debate? Need to know when Parkway Central Closes or when Northeast Regional Library opens? With the Free Library of Philadelphia's new… continue reading

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In just a week and a half, the third annual Free Library Festival will be taking over the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and the Parkway Central Library for a burst of books, music, and inspiration for… continue reading

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Whether it's classic poems and literature, ties to Philadelphia, spooky undertones, or a great performance that interests you, the Free Library of Philadelphia's celebration of Edgar Allan… continue reading

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What better day than October 1, the first of a celebrated spooky month, to open an exhibition on the oft-macabre writer, Edgar Allan Poe? Parkway Central Library’s Rare Book Department is… continue reading

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Thankless too for peace, (Peace long preserved by fleets and perilous seas) Secure from actual warfare, we have loved To swell the war-whoop, passionate for war! from "Fears in Solitude"… continue reading

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Winner of the 1996 National Book Award for fiction for her story collection Ship Fever , Andrea Barrett will be appearing at the Central Library’s Montgomery Auditorium tomorrow, Thursday ,… continue reading

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It seems that Augusten Burroughs may have taken some liberties in his characterization of the Turcotte family (aka "the Finches") in his wildly popular Running with Scissors: A Memoir . But… continue reading

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William Stafford was born in Kansas in 1914. He attended the Universities of Kansas and Iowa. He was a conscientious objector during World War II and worked in the alternative service camps. He… continue reading

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Natasha Trethewey was born in 1966 in Gulfport, Mississippi. She earned an M.A. in English and creative writing from Hollins University, and an M.F.A. in poetry from the University of… continue reading

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Walt Whitman, one of the most famous American poets in the canon, was born in 1819. When he was 12, he started training to be a printer, which prompted him to read the works of Homer, Dante, and… continue reading

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Jack Agüeros was born in Harlem in 1934. He became a community activist and writer, concentrating on issues surrounding immigration, specifically identifying and exploring the Puerto Rican… continue reading

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Robert Penn Warren was born in Kentucky in 1905 and became the youngest member of a group of southern poets called the Fugitives. Warren’s poetry appeared in the group’s magazine, the… continue reading

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Martín Espada was born in Brooklyn in 1957. His father, a leader in the Puerto Rican community, introduced the poet to political activism at a young age. After receiving a B.A. in history… continue reading

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Anne Sexton was born Anne Gray Harvey in Newton, Massachusetts in 1928. She married Alfred Muller Sexton II when she was 19. In 1953, she had a daughter. The following year she was diagnosed with… continue reading

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Edward Estlin Cummings, aka E.E. Cummings, was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1894. While at Harvard, he published his first work in 1917 in the anthology Eight Harvard Poets . He volunteered… continue reading

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