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Beginning in January, the Free Library will continue its Year of Dickens 2012 with monthly literary salons, each featuring a different Dickens novel. The salons are free and open to all readers,… continue reading Dickens Literary Salons in 2012

By written by Eileen O.    December 29, 2011    1

Today, the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation announced the Free Library of Philadelphia as one of 12 organizations in the United… continue reading Free Library Wins Grant Competition to Design Digial Learning Labs for Young Americans!

By written by Eileen O.    November 17, 2011    1

2012 marks the 10th anniversary of the Free Library’s One Book, One Philadelphia program. In its 10 years, One Book has made an incredible impact on Philadelphia. Each year, the One Book… continue reading One Book: 10th Anniversary

By written by Eileen O.    November 9, 2011   

With the 10th anniversary of One Book, One Philadelphia and a compelling, thoughtful selection for 2012, we’re really excited about the events surrounding this year’s program. Create… continue reading A Sneak Peek of One Book Events

By written by Eileen O.    November 2, 2011    3

One Book, One Philadelphia 2012 is here! And although the season doesn’t get into full swing until January, we’re too excited to keep quiet about this year’s selection, Create… continue reading One Book, One Philadelphia 2012: Edwidge Danticat

By written by Eileen O.    October 26, 2011    2

In honor of Charles Dickens’s 200th birthday and to celebrate the Free Library’s large Dickens collection, we are bringing Charles Dickens back to life through the first ever, American… continue reading Free Library to Host Dickens Impersonator Contest

By written by Eileen O.    October 17, 2011    2

The news of Steve Jobs ’s passing caused worldwide mourning, as fans of Apple paid tribute to the innovator, expressing grief on social media or webpages that they accessed on Apple devices… continue reading Remembering Steve Jobs

By written by Eileen O.    October 6, 2011    2

Banned Books Week 2011 began Saturday and will last through Friday, October 1. The annual week-long observance celebrates the freedom to read any and all books without the interference of… continue reading In Celebration of Banned Books Week

By written by Eileen O.    September 28, 2011   

With last Sunday night’s Emmy Awards, followed by five nights full of season premieres and new pilots, it’s been a big week for Fall television. I won’t lie and say that… continue reading Bring on Fall TV!

By written by Eileen O.    September 23, 2011   

At the Free Library, we’re really proud of our librarians. They guide, support, and inspire patrons on a daily basis. In a recent blog post , we shared some of the super efforts and awesome… continue reading Love Your Librarian!

By written by Eileen O.    September 9, 2011   

As it is for many people, fall is my favorite time of year. There are tons of reasons for my partiality towards autumn, but I’m beginning to realize that most of them revolve around food.… continue reading Gearing Up for Fall Flavors

By written by Eileen O.    September 7, 2011    2

September brings cooler weather, fall foliage, and back-to-school jitters. But the first month of autumn is important for another reason: September is National Library Card Sign-Up month ! My… continue reading In Celebration of National Library Card Sign-Up Month!

By written by Eileen O.    September 1, 2011    4

The news of Steve Jobs’s resignation from Apple, the innovative computer company he co-founded over 30 years ago, was announced yesterday to a saddened, but maybe not surprised, Silicon… continue reading Steve Jobs and the Free Library

By written by Eileen O.    August 25, 2011   

Since I can remember, I’ve always been a little behind the curve on the latest pop culture trends (for example, when I was little, my favorite pop singer was Mike Nesmith of The Monkees.… continue reading Playing Summer Catch Up

By written by Eileen O.    August 23, 2011   

With the all the rain we’ve been getting this week in Philadelphia, it’s a wonder I’ve made it out of my house at all. On rainy days, many people hunker down on a comfy couch… continue reading How to Avoid Rainy Day Blues

By written by Eileen O.    August 18, 2011    2