Atlas of the City of Philadelphia, 1862, Section 20

Maps 1862: Smedley, Atlas of the City of Philadelphia
Atlas of the City of Philadelphia, 1862, Section 20

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Item No: MSMDAA00025
Title: Atlas of the City of Philadelphia, 1862, Section 20
Additional Title: Atlas of the City of Philadelphia, 1862
Publication Year: 1862
Page: 25
Work Type: Property Atlases/Maps
Source: Map Collection

Abbey Hotel: east side 23rd Street above Tioga Street (Kenderton)
American Mechanics Hall: Ridge Road below County Line Road (Roxborough)
Branchtown Hotel: Old York Road (Branchtown)
Crease's Chemical Works: Eliza's Lane above Ridege Avenue (Roxborough)
Crescentville Seminary: Tacony Creek below city line (Crescentville)
Cresheim Cotton Factory: Cresheim Creek at Paper Mill Lane (Chestnut Hill)
Cricketeers Hotel: New 2nd Street  Road (McCartersville)
Egbert's Cotton Factory: west side Schuylkill River above Manayunk (Lower Merion Township)
Franklin KNitting Mills: Chew Avenue & Church Street (Germantown)
Godfrey's Hotel: Germantown Avenue & Carpenter Street (Germantown)
Hill's Carpet Factory: Cresheim Creek below Paper Mill Lane (Chestnut Hill)
Leverington Hotel: Ridge Road & Leverington Avenue (Roxborough)
Logan Nursery: south side Rockland Street east of Old York Road north of Hunting Park
Magargee Mill: Wissahickon Creek at township Line (Chestnut Hill)
Manatawna School: Ridge Road below County Line Road (Roxborough)
Maupay's Nursery: 12th Street to 13th Street, Clearfield Street to Allegheny Avenue
McCallum's Carpet Factory: Carpenter Street & Jefferson Avenue (Germantown)
McCarty's Fulling Mill: Saw Milll Creek below County Line Road  above Milestown
Mermaid Hotel: Germantown Avenue & Mermaid Lane (Chestnut Hill)
Penn Coat of Arms Inn: Fishers Lane (Feltonville)
Powers & Weightman: Norristown Railroad below School House Lane (Falls of Schuylkill)
Rittenhouse Mill: Shur's Land and Wissahickon Creek above Falls of Schuylkill
Roberts Iron Works: west side Schuylkill River below Manayunk (Lower Merion Township)
Rowland Saw Works: Tacony Creek southeast of Feltonville
Roxborough Lyceum: Ridge Road at Lyceum Avenue (Roxborough)
Roxborough Poorhouse: Livezey's Mill Lane below Wissahickon Creek (Roxborough)
Simpson's Wool & Cotton Factory: west side Schuylkill River opposite Manayunk (L. Merion)
Sorrel Horse Inn: Ridge Road above Ship Lane (Roxborough)
Teedyuscung Wool & Cotton Mill: Wissahickon Creek & Paul's Mill Lane (Chestnut Hill)
Wakefield Hosiery: Wingohocking Creek at Lindley Street south of Branchtown)
Whitaker's Factory: Tacony Creek at Olney Road northeast of Feltonville
Wissahickon Paper Mill: Wissahickon Creek at township line (Chestnut Hill)

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Alternate Page Number: Section 20
City/Town/Township: Geographic Coverage State/Province:Pennsylvania
Geographic Coverage City/Town/Township:Philadelphia

Creator Name: J. B. Lippincott & Co. (1862) - Publisher
Samuel L. Smedley