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We've all been there: One chapter from the end of a great book, and the pile of on-deck reads atop the bedside table looking awfully slim. The anxiety of not having something to read starts to… continue reading

By Jamie W.   June 24, 2013    1

Our streaming Music Online collections, powered by Alexander Street Press, have recently added tons of great new content. You'll find these collections listed on both our Digital… continue reading

By Jamie W.   June 11, 2013    1

Many of our ebook readers have already discovered Freading. It's a great alternative to our Overdrive collection with a wide selection of titles from a growing list of publishers. Freading… continue reading

By Jamie W.   June 7, 2013    1

Google recently announced updates to their Maps API script, with more updates planned this summer for their overall Maps platform. The Free Library uses this API to display Google Maps in various… continue reading

By Peter SM   May 21, 2013   

In our continual effort to better serve you, a team of librarians has recently taken a fresh look at our many electronic resources and databases, and has recommended some changes. Public… continue reading

By Jamie W.   May 15, 2013    32

This is a great time for music lovers. Not so long ago, we had relatively few choices when it came to how we heard our music. We could buy it, which is ideal if you’re sure you’re… continue reading

By Jamie W.   May 15, 2013    17

Another resource and ally in the Open Data movement (as I've written about in previous blog posts ) has popped up online as of last week: . CultureBlocks is a free web-based… continue reading

By Peter SM   May 8, 2013   

We are excited to present VuFind , the newest version of our online catalog , starting on Wednesday, February 20th! We've been running VuFind in beta since early last year, so some of you may… continue reading

By Peter SM   February 15, 2013    13

The 55th annual Grammy awards were held this week in Los Angeles and the world was invited to sit on its collective couch and watch. Did the Grammys reaffirm your faith in pop music? Or like many… continue reading

By Jamie W.   February 12, 2013   

Tax season is here, and as usual Philadelphians are flocking to every branch and regional library, as well as the Parkway Central Library, with questions about filing.  Unfortunately,… continue reading

By Adam F.   February 8, 2013    1

The Free Library of Philadelphia yesterday released its first batch of raw data to the OpenDataPhilly project. As discussed in previous blog posts , the "Open Data" initative's goal… continue reading

By Peter SM   February 5, 2013   

If the previous year’s statistics are any indication of what consumers spent money on during the holidays , there is a good chance that you or someone you know may be receiving some sort of… continue reading

By Peter SM   December 18, 2012   

The Free Library of Philadelphia has released the newest version of our mobile site ! The new mobile site (version 3.0) uses responsive web design and provides an optimal viewing experience on all… continue reading

By Peter SM   December 11, 2012   

Can a great urban library such as the Free Library of Philadelphia "remember" a musician?  With yesterday's passing of Dave Brubeck (B. Concord, CA, Dec 6 1920; d. Norwalk, CT,… continue reading

By Adam F.   December 6, 2012   

Picking up from where we left off last week: What does Open Data mean for patrons and customers of the Free Library and what are some of the potential benefits and possibilities? If ever there was… continue reading

By Peter SM   December 4, 2012   

This is the first part in a multi-part series looking at tech news and issues relevant to the Free Library of Philadelphia’s customers and patrons. One of the more recent buzzwords gaining… continue reading

By Peter SM   November 27, 2012   

At the Free Library, we are always on the lookout for the best resources to add to our database collection. Likewise, we are constantly evaluating our current offerings to make sure you… continue reading

By Jamie W.   August 9, 2012   

This morning the Techmobile hosted third graders from Reynolds School onboard for an overview of the Library’s electronic resources for children, and then did a hands-on activity using… continue reading

By Joel N.   May 1, 2012    1

Morningstar is a trusted name in financial analysis. While its flagship product,, has been available in our Business, Science, and Industry Department at the Parkway Central… continue reading

By Jamie W.   February 23, 2012   

You've asked for 'em, now we've got 'em: interactive, talking ebooks for children! TumbleBooks is "an online collection of animated, talking picture books which teach kids the… continue reading

By Sarah S.   February 8, 2012    1

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