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When everyone in Philadelphia is reading the same book as part of the One Book, One Philadelphia program, how is that work chosen? A small committee of Free Library staff, educators, and One Book… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: The Selection Process

By written by Kalela W.    May 18, 2016    1

On a chilly Sunday afternoon, about 25 people—kids, college students, seniors—all packed into the cozy Gatehouse at Philadelphia’s famed Laurel Hill Cemetery for a discussion of… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: Civil War Ladies of Philadelphia’s Own Laurel Hill

By written by Alix G.    March 30, 2016   

One Book, One Philadelphia teams up every year for programming with the University of Pennsylvania, and every year they knock it out of the park for International Women’s Day. This… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: International Women’s Day 2016: Global Perspectives on Women, Food Security, and Agriculture

By written by Cynthia Ann S.    March 23, 2016   

This One Book, One Philadelphia season, with its focus on Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain , has sparked a larger conversation about the book’s setting—the Civil War. Citizens… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: Jews in the Civil War

By written by Julie B.    March 16, 2016   

One Book, One Philadelphia is known for inspiring great conversations across the Philadelphia region. Last week, it also inspired some new stories altogether—as a panel of professional… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: Storytelling Inspired by One Book

By written by Julie B.    March 9, 2016   

This year’s One Book, One Philadelphia featured selection— Cold Mountain , by Charles Frazier—takes place in the challenging terrain of the North Carolina mountains, set against… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: A Closer Look at Philadelphia's Abolitionist History

By written by Peter R.    March 2, 2016   

This year’s One Book, One Philadelphia   selection has it all—American history, musical connections, a major movie version, and even some links to our city. Tucked in its pages as… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: In-Cider Knowledge

By written by Kate C.    February 24, 2016   

In the Cold Mountain era, people had to live off the food they grew and the meals they made at home. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, refrigeration wasn’t available to preserve food.… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: Preserving Past Methods of Food Preservation

By written by Samantha M.    February 17, 2016   

When I was growing up, Black History Month meant learning about Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Jr., and other historical figures whose life’s work was crucial to my… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: Black History Is Family History

By written by Kalela W.    February 10, 2016    1

Tuesday marked the official beginning of One Book, One Philadelphia 2016! To kick off the season, Cold Mountain author Charles Frazier and opera composer Jennifer Higdon spoke at Parkway Central… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: Author’s and Composer’s Takes on Cold Mountain

By written by Julie B.    February 3, 2016   

We are just one week away from the Kickoff Event to the One Book, One Philadelphia 2016 season. On Tuesday night, February 2, at 7:30 p.m. you are invited to join us in Parkway Central… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: With one week until the Kickoff, get some book-discussion tips!

By written by Julie B.    January 27, 2016   

This One Book, One Philadelphia season takes us back in time to the Civil War era, as we travel and travail alongside fictional southerners Inman and Ada in Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain .… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: The Civil War on Display

By written by Kathy H.    January 20, 2016   

The United States has a rich history. We usually focus these accomplishments when learning about our history. I think Dan Brown said it best— “History is always written by the… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: Talking About the Civil War and Slavery with Kids

By written by Joy K.    January 13, 2016   

In 19 th -century America, letter writing was serious business. Knowing how to express one’s thoughts on paper effectively was as important then as knowing how to operate a smartphone is… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: The Lost Art of Letter Writing

By written by Richard L.    January 6, 2016   

Texts talk to each other. That was certainly the intention behind selecting companion books for this One Book, One Philadelphia , season—to begin a larger community discussion through… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: Insights from Another Text

By written by Julie B.    December 30, 2015   

As we read this year’s One Book selection and its companion texts, it is impossible not to keep returning to the question How did this happen? There is a moral component to that question,… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: What Were the Soldiers Thinking?

By written by Kathy H.    December 23, 2015   

As we read about slavery and the Civil War from the perspective of those living in the South—with settings of North Carolina in Cold Mountain and Louisiana in Twelve Years a Slave —… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: Philadelphia During the Civil War

By written by Julie B.    December 16, 2015   

Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain , which was his debut novel, received critical acclaim when it was published in 1997, ultimately receiving the National Book Award and topping the New York… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: Cold Mountain Reimagines The Odyssey

By written by Julie B.    December 9, 2015    1

It is hard to talk about the Civil War without talking about race and slavery. Whether or not one believes it was the primary driver of the war, or only a side issue to the matter of states’… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: Race in Our Selections

By written by Julie B.    December 2, 2015   

I’m gonna read it... Oh, it’s going to be the next book I pick up... everyone I know has been talking about it, so I will definitely read it... … is maybe what goes through your… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: Why Not Just Watch the Movie?

By written by Julie B.    November 25, 2015