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We are just one week away from the Kickoff Event to the One Book, One Philadelphia 2016 season. On Tuesday night, February 2, at 7:30 p.m. you are invited to join us in Parkway Central… continue reading

By Julie B.   January 27, 2016   

This One Book, One Philadelphia season takes us back in time to the Civil War era, as we travel and travail alongside fictional southerners Inman and Ada in Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain .… continue reading

By Kathy H.   January 20, 2016   

The United States has a rich history. We usually focus these accomplishments when learning about our history. I think Dan Brown said it best— “History is always written by the… continue reading

By Joy K.   January 13, 2016   

In 19 th -century America, letter writing was serious business. Knowing how to express one’s thoughts on paper effectively was as important then as knowing how to operate a smartphone is… continue reading

By Richard L.   January 6, 2016   

Texts talk to each other. That was certainly the intention behind selecting companion books for this One Book, One Philadelphia , season—to begin a larger community discussion through… continue reading

By Julie B.   December 30, 2015   

As we read this year’s One Book selection and its companion texts, it is impossible not to keep returning to the question How did this happen? There is a moral component to that question,… continue reading

By Kathy H.   December 23, 2015   

As we read about slavery and the Civil War from the perspective of those living in the South—with settings of North Carolina in Cold Mountain and Louisiana in Twelve Years a Slave —… continue reading

By Julie B.   December 16, 2015   

Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain , which was his debut novel, received critical acclaim when it was published in 1997, ultimately receiving the National Book Award and topping the New York… continue reading

By Julie B.   December 9, 2015    1

It is hard to talk about the Civil War without talking about race and slavery. Whether or not one believes it was the primary driver of the war, or only a side issue to the matter of states’… continue reading

By Julie B.   December 2, 2015   

I’m gonna read it... Oh, it’s going to be the next book I pick up... everyone I know has been talking about it, so I will definitely read it... … is maybe what goes through your… continue reading

By Julie B.   November 25, 2015   

We like to think that history is fact. History as a thing is merely “events of the past”; and history the subject is the study of those events. But upon closer study, it becomes clear… continue reading

By Julie B.   November 18, 2015    2

In choosing Twelve Years a Slave as a One Book companion text to featured selection Cold Mountain, the Library has sought both to broaden and enhance the discussion of a critical yet awful time in… continue reading

By Julie B.   November 11, 2015    1

This year marked the sesquicentennial of the end of the Civil War. With this sectarian conflict firmly 150 years behind us, one might think the divide itself (if not the… continue reading

By Julie B.   November 4, 2015   

The Civil War never ceases to fascinate storytellers. Hollywood filmmakers, historians, novelists, journalists—all continue to find new angles, new meaning, and unheard haunting accounts to… continue reading

By Julie B.   October 28, 2015   

The 2016 One Book, One Philadelphia selection was announced at the beginning of this month—for its 14 th season, One Book examines our nation’s past and the power of perseverance… continue reading

By Julie B.   October 21, 2015   

11 Things to Do in Philly This Week Lee Child and Linda Fairstein at the Free Library (appeared 9/29)   Get Cultured on the Cheap (Your-Round) Tour of the… continue reading

By Samantha M.   October 2, 2015   

Five Libraries that Go Beyond Books Huffington Post Most libraries have hosted authors for book discussions, but the  Free Library of Philadelphia  takes it one step furthur. They record… continue reading

By Samantha M.   January 23, 2015    2

We're excited to announce that the 2015 One Book, One Philadelphia featured selection for is Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline . Orphan Train is the compelling story of Vivian, a… continue reading

By Michelle S.   October 16, 2014   

The Free Library of Philadelphia is excited to announce that the 2014 One Book, One Philadelphia featured selection is The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers! Winner of the 2013 PEN/Hemingway Award for… continue reading

By Michelle S.   October 23, 2013   

It’s the final week of One Book, One Philadelphia , and we couldn’t be more excited to be welcoming Julie Otsuka for the Grand Finale celebration on Wednesday, March 13 at 7:30 p.m. at… continue reading

By Michelle S.   March 13, 2013