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A Cooking Class Where New Immigrants Learn The Recipe For English NPR On a recent Wednesday afternoon, 20 recent immigrants and refugees to the United States streamed into a shiny commercial-size… continue reading

By Samantha M.   January 29, 2016   

Do you have questions about vaccinations? Many people do! We know many of you visit the Free Library (in person and online) searching for health information. A new series of blog posts will share… continue reading

By Sharyl O.   January 28, 2016   

We are just one week away from the Kickoff Event to the One Book, One Philadelphia 2016 season. On Tuesday night, February 2, at 7:30 p.m. you are invited to join us in Parkway Central… continue reading

By Julie B.   January 27, 2016   

The Free Library of Philadelphia is a literacy machine, and one of the core literacies we hope to help citizens achieve is financial literacy . That’s why each year we help spread the… continue reading

By Adam F.   January 26, 2016   

This recipe is from Tracy McGuigan, the chef who leads our Chow Down on Wellness series. Chow Down on Wellness is a monthly program, open to the public, that was created in partnership with a… continue reading

By Liz A.   January 22, 2016   

Lehigh University part of massive effort to turn medieval treasures into a virtual gold mine The partners are the Free Library of Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr College, Temple University,… continue reading

By Samantha M.   January 22, 2016   

We are happy to announce that the Words at Play Vocabulary Inititative is entering its second year! This PNC-funded program is a fun, family-focused series of programs in the North Philadelphia… continue reading

By Sarah S.   January 22, 2016   

By Darrian Hopson College Prep Program Work Study Student My name is Darrian Hopson, a work-study student of the Free Library of Philadelphia and current student at Temple University. In my… continue reading

By Aisha A.   January 20, 2016   

This One Book, One Philadelphia season takes us back in time to the Civil War era, as we travel and travail alongside fictional southerners Inman and Ada in Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain .… continue reading

By Kathy H.   January 20, 2016   

On Monday, January 25, join the Free Library of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Jazz Project for our latest installment of the Mysterious Traveler’s 2 Jazz Series. We music librarians see… continue reading

By Perry G.   January 19, 2016   

How public art gets lost—and saved—in Philly A collection of Alexander Calder banners, commissioned for the atrium of Centre Square, were put in storage and long thought… continue reading

By Samantha M.   January 15, 2016   

Today’s episode of The Pulse on WHYY  takes a look at the future of libraries—and features not only an interview with our president and director Siobhan Reardon  but the… continue reading

By Peter R.   January 15, 2016   

By Peggy Paul Casella for Fair Food In winter we all crave meals that stick to our ribs, but that doesn’t mean they have to stick to our waistlines, too. Here are four in-season,… continue reading

By Michele T.   January 15, 2016   

StoryUP is an interactive storytelling program for all kids, from preschoolers to teens. Children get to write their own stories, pick the settings and characters, and help act out some… continue reading

By Elizabeth K.   January 15, 2016   

It's been a few days, but it's still hard to process that David Bowie has left us . Newspapers, television news broadcasts, the internet as a whole—and more than likely—your… continue reading

By Peter SM   January 14, 2016   

The World Builder's Writing Club is a diverse group of aspiring authors. The group's main focus is creating original works of  speculative fiction  (e.g., science… continue reading

By Tamoul Q.   January 14, 2016    3

The United States has a rich history. We usually focus these accomplishments when learning about our history. I think Dan Brown said it best— “History is always written by the… continue reading

By Joy K.   January 13, 2016   

The role of the library in the 21 st century is a question we think about a lot—and we aren't the only ones asking. The Knight Foundation is continuing the success of the… continue reading

By Peter R.   January 13, 2016   

Face it. It's only been two weeks, but your New Year's resolution is done for, dusty with cobwebs, lingering dimly in the weeks past like an like an old yearbook picture you'd rather… continue reading

By Jamie W.   January 12, 2016    2

The Print and Picture Collection is pleased to announce a new exhibition in the Print and Picture Collection Hallway Gallery. The exhibition,  Gerard Brown and Amanda D'Amico , features… continue reading

By Laura S.   January 12, 2016