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Beginning in January, the Free Library will continue its Year of Dickens 2012 with monthly literary salons, each featuring a different Dickens novel. The salons are free and open to all readers,… continue reading

By Eileen O.   December 29, 2011    1

A vibrant and colorful exhibition at the Parkway Central Library highlights one of the most enduring legacies of Charles Dickens's genius: the unforgettable characters he brought to life.… continue reading

By Caitlin G.   December 28, 2011    2

In chapter eight of Create Dangerously, “Another Country,” Edwidge Danticat writes about natural disaster and about how many residents of the developed world so frequently associate… continue reading

By Michelle S.   December 22, 2011    1

The Free Library of Philadelphia is excited to be piloting a groundbreaking new program that offers adults 50 years of age and older the opportunity to learn how to use a variety of e-readers,… continue reading

By Michelle S.   December 20, 2011    4

Last Friday, the literary world lost one of its most impassioned and opinionated contributors to the public discourse on religion and intellectualism--Christopher Hitchens. A self-styled… continue reading

By Michelle S.   December 19, 2011   

With 2011 coming to an end, we want to recognize the 75 th anniversary of one of our favorite children’s books: Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson’s The Story of Ferdinand. Published by… continue reading

By Caitlin G.   December 16, 2011    6

“I know this is what you do now,” Tante Zi said. “This thing with the writing. I know it’s your work, but please don’t write what you think you know about… continue reading

By Michelle S.   December 15, 2011   

Yesterday marked 200 years since the death of Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe (1787–1811), mother of Edgar Allan Poe. Edgar was just 2 years-old when his mother died.  Born in… continue reading

By Janine P.   December 9, 2011    2

The Free Library is joining forces with Feeding America and Dreamworks Pictures in conjunction with the newly released Blu-Ray DVD of The Hel p , a film based on the bestselling novel by Kathryn… continue reading

By Michelle S.   December 9, 2011   

“My country, Jean,” I said, “is one of uncertainty. When I say ‘my country’  to some Haitians, they think I mean the United States. When I say ‘my… continue reading

By Michelle S.   December 8, 2011   

The holiday season is a time for sharing, and what better gift to share with the young people in your life than books? Here are some great new holiday books for children. Look for them in local… continue reading

By Sarah S.   December 5, 2011    3

We’re deep in the heart of the reading period for the 2012 One Book, One Philadelphia season, and I’m reading Edwidge Danticat’s Create Dangerously: The Immigrant Artist at Work… continue reading

By Michelle S.   December 1, 2011    1