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Hi, my name is Dena and I’m a fiction librarian in Philbrick Hall at the Parkway Central Library. You might have seen me there excitedly recommending the best vampire book ever written… continue reading

By Dena   December 31, 2013    5

2013 was another great year for readers and fans of comic books, specifically graphic novels. While not necessarily a "Top 10" (especially since I selected thirteen!) and definitely not… continue reading

By Peter SM   December 31, 2013   

Continuing our series of blog posts on the topic of Digital Literacy , today we'll discuss the difference between Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives and the possible issues both groups… continue reading

By Debra E. J.   December 23, 2013    2

If you are looking to get ahead at work or at school, interested in learning something new or brushing up on your existing skills, the Free Library is pleased to offer you access to Universal… continue reading

By Jamie W.   December 23, 2013    42

With Zinio the Free Library is pleased to offer you free access to current issues of popular magazines to read on your tablet, smartphone, or computer. Your SEPTA ride to work just got so much… continue reading

By Jamie W.   December 20, 2013    17

The holidays are nearly here and one thing we've come to expect at this time of year is a flood of requests from people looking for help reading library ebooks on their computers, phones,… continue reading

By Jamie W.   December 20, 2013    7

Baking cookies is a great activity to share with your little one.  It involves so many aspects of learning disguised as complete fun!  Literacy, mathematics, and fine motor skills are… continue reading

By Megan W.   December 19, 2013   

View and listen to the Top 10 Author Event Podcasts Downloaded in November 2013 . There were more than 28,500 podcast downloads from our website for the month of November. Don't forget to view… continue reading

By Peter SM   December 19, 2013   

Getting comfortably literary on a chilly day must be one of life’s great pleasures. Here is one librarian’s handpicked recommendations for snow day reads with an emphasis on heavy page… continue reading

By Jamie W.   December 18, 2013   

We are delighted that OverDrive ebook circulation continues to grow -- a 33% increase in use over this same time a year ago-- and we anticipate continued growth. This great increase comes at a… continue reading

By Anne L.    December 17, 2013    38

With the holidays in full swing and snow on the ground throughout the city, it seemed like the perfect time to compile a new playlist on our Spotify channel. Also, in the perfect timing… continue reading

By Peter SM   December 17, 2013   

Kindles, tablets, laptops, and smartphones will top many holiday gift lists this season. Sadly though, lessons are not included with these devices. If you or someone you know needs a little help… continue reading

By Jamie W.   December 16, 2013    1

If it's December, it must be time for another film full of hobbits, elves, dwarves, wizards, orcs, trolls, dragons, and other fantastic creatures to debut at movie theaters! For five out of… continue reading

By Peter SM   December 13, 2013   

"I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons will live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for. But, my… continue reading

By Peter SM   December 12, 2013   

Here are the Top 10 ebooks downloaded from the Free Library's OverDrive Digital Library in November 2013. There were more than 45,000 ebooks checked out and downloaded for the month! Donna… continue reading

By Peter SM   December 10, 2013    2

John Derstine Souder (1865-1942) was raised on a Mennonite farm near Telford in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  He was a storekeeper, postmaster, and poultry dealer before retiring. … continue reading

By Del-Louise M.   December 9, 2013   

In 2011, the Nielsen Company (famous for gathering TV viewership with the “Nielsen ratings”) produced a study that said there were over 181 million blogs in existence, and that number… continue reading

By Camille T.   December 5, 2013   

Every year, the Free Library welcomes thousands of great volunteers who lend us their expertise and help our librarians and staff best serve all those who come through our door. One volunteer,… continue reading

By Michelle S.   December 3, 2013    1

Season's Greetings! We're back after the Thanksgiving holiday (and still eating delicious leftovers : ), Hanukkah is here, and Christmas , Kwanzaa , and New Years are all up on the… continue reading

By Peter SM   December 2, 2013    1