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The World Builders Writing Club is a diverse group of aspiring authors who meet once a month and will be showcasing some of their work on the Free Library blog. Please enjoy this first look at a… continue reading

By Tamoul Q.   February 25, 2016    1

This year’s One Book, One Philadelphia   selection has it all—American history, musical connections, a major movie version, and even some links to our city. Tucked in its pages as… continue reading

By Kate C.   February 24, 2016   

The PNC-funded Words at Play Vocabulary Initiative is into its second year of providing parents with the tools needed to increase their child’s vocabulary. Children from birth to age five… continue reading

By Carrie K.   February 22, 2016   

Today, we are saddened by the unexpected death of 89-year-old Harper Lee, known to the world for her Pulitzer Prize-winning, semi-autobiographical novel To Kill a Mockingbird , as well… continue reading

By Samantha M.   February 19, 2016   

In the Cold Mountain era, people had to live off the food they grew and the meals they made at home. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, refrigeration wasn’t available to preserve food.… continue reading

By Samantha M.   February 17, 2016   

On Monday, February 22, join the Free Library of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Jazz Project for our latest installment of the Mysterious Traveler’s 2 Jazz Series. We music librarians see… continue reading

By Perry G.   February 16, 2016   

Here are the Top 10 ebooks downloaded from the Free Library's OverDrive Digital Library in January 2016. More than 93,000 ebooks were checked out and downloaded for the month! New entries to… continue reading

By Peter SM   February 12, 2016   

By Alexis Mason College Prep Program Work Study student You’re never fully prepared for what college has in store for you, even though you may think you are. I graduated from Mastery… continue reading

By Aisha A.   February 12, 2016   

In honor of Black History Month , this article will examine the life and work of the first African American author to win the Newbery Medal —Virginia Hamilton.    Virginia Hamilton… continue reading

By Elizabeth K.   February 11, 2016   

When I was growing up, Black History Month meant learning about Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Jr., and other historical figures whose life’s work was crucial to my… continue reading

By Kalela W.   February 10, 2016    1

This recipe is from the  A Taste of African Heritage series, a free six-lesson nutrition and cooking program presented by Oldways that we host at the Culinary Literacy Center. The series… continue reading

By Michele T.   February 8, 2016   

You’re never too young to enjoy a good book. Although babies are still developing their coordination, eyesight, and language comprehension, giving them books to play with and explore is a… continue reading

By Sarah S.   February 5, 2016    1

Tuesday marked the official beginning of One Book, One Philadelphia 2016! To kick off the season, Cold Mountain author Charles Frazier and opera composer Jennifer Higdon spoke at Parkway Central… continue reading

By Julie B.   February 3, 2016   

It feels like it was just Groundhog Day this exact same time last year! ; P  As of this morning, warm weather lies ahead for us all as Punxsutawney Phil prognosticated an early Spring . No… continue reading

By Peter SM   February 2, 2016