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T-Rex the Turtle plans to escape from his home at the Garden State Discovery Museum and travel to the Parkway Central Library to lead children on a journey uncovering the world of Dinosaurs! Join… continue reading Dino Adventure!

By written by Michelle S.    March 30, 2012   

Adrienne Rich, the famed poet, essayist, and public intellectual known for her writings on politics, sexuality, and gender, passed away on Tuesday at her home in Santa Cruz. Her career spanned… continue reading Rest in Peace, Adrienne Rich

By written by Grace R.    March 29, 2012    1

All hail the glorious Wikipedia for revealing heretofore unknown holidays! Not only is today World Whiskey Day (to which I say, drink up, ye of legal drinking age!), it is also World Theatre Day!… continue reading It's World Theatre Day!

By written by Grace R.    March 27, 2012    1

March 26 is a surprisingly literary day. It was on this day in 1484 that William Caxton published his English-language translation of Aesop's Fables. Tennesee Williams and Robert Frost were born… continue reading March 26: Let's Get Literary

By written by Grace R.    March 26, 2012    1

Spring is upon us, and as cliché as it sounds, it’s the best time to clean, rearrange, and freshen up just about anything. Has winter clutter taken over your house? Has your… continue reading Spring foward!

By written by Eileen O.    March 26, 2012   

See update to this story (10/2/2013) Ebooks fans may have noticed that some titles are no longer available for wireless downloading via Amazon.  This is due to restrictions recently put in… continue reading Ebook News: Penguin Book Group Restricts Wireless Downloads for Kindle

By written by Jamie W.    March 23, 2012   

Can't get enough of Suzanne Collins's epic Hunger Games trilogy? Dying for more dystopian fiction in your life? You're in luck: Our librarians have put together a great list of… continue reading Hunger Games Fever

By written by Michelle S.    March 23, 2012    1

 To end the week and begin the weekend, I present to you Henry Miller's commandments for writing and for life. continue reading Happy Friday!

By written by Grace R.    March 23, 2012   

Discussing famed children's illustrator Randolph Caldecott, Maurice Sendak remarked, "Caldecott's work heralds the beginning of the modern picture book. He devised an ingenious juxtaposition… continue reading Happy Birthday, Randolph Caldecott!

By written by Grace R.    March 22, 2012    1

Once an English major, always an English major. I can't help but annotate and scribble in the margins of every book I read, rendering me incapable of making the switch to e-readers (despite the… continue reading The Illuminating World of Marginalia

By written by Grace R.    March 22, 2012   

 Although it may seem like every day brings a new national or international holiday to celebrate, today, March 21, is particularly noteworthy (and comes with UNESCO's seal of approval):… continue reading Happy World Poetry Day!

By written by Grace R.    March 21, 2012   

Scott O’Dell once summed up being an author in three simple words: “Writing is hard.” As a writer of children’s historical fiction, he excelled in creating his own story… continue reading The Scott O'Dell papers

By written by Adrienne P.    March 19, 2012    5

The Free Library is teaming up with Everyblock Philadelphia! Everyblock   is a community website that operates like a modern day block watch by collecting 19 types of news in Philadelphia. It… continue reading Free Library and Everyblock

By written by Eileen O.    March 16, 2012    2

by Edward Pettit Tonight our Dickens Literary Salon will be discussing the author’s final, incomplete mystery novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood .  SPOILERS AHEAD When Edwin Drood goes… continue reading An Unsolved Mystery

By written by Caitlin G.    March 15, 2012    2

This is the first of many blog posts about The Borneman Pennsylvania German Manuscript Collection, which has been part of the Rare Book Department at the Free Library of Philadelphia (FLP) since… continue reading The Borneman Pennsylvania German Manuscript Collection Soon Available Online

By written by Janine P.    March 9, 2012   

I’ve always found short stories the perfect reading material for sunny days spent outdoors. Of course reading any novel or non-fiction book in the park on a warm afternoon is hard to beat,… continue reading Short Stories for Spring

By written by Eileen O.    March 8, 2012    1

For the past few years, we have heard from many of you about the things you want our online catalog to do. Searching should be as easy and intuitive as possible. You’d like the… continue reading Introducing the Free Library's New Catalog

By written by Carolyn P.    March 5, 2012    20

When Charles Dickens died suddenly of stroke in 1870 he had written half of a novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood .  Dickens published all of his novels in serial format and wrote the chapters… continue reading Boz Bicentenary Speaker Series - Matthew Pearl

By written by Caitlin G.    March 2, 2012    1