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This month’s children’s book reviews are written by Kate Bowman-Johnston, Children’s Librarian at the Joseph E. Coleman Northwest Regional Library in Germantown. She hosts a… continue reading

By Sarah S.   March 29, 2015   

The Free Library Hot Spots will be holding workshops on the basics of audio editing at Mercy Neighborhood Ministries for the month of April. Workshops will be held every Monday from 4:00 p.m. to… continue reading

By Scott P.   March 27, 2015   

GSK’s $5M to Philly groups helping kids eat better The announcement was made at The Free Library's fourth-floor renovated meeting room, which has a wonderful view of the city… continue reading

By Samantha M.   March 27, 2015   

It's National Social Work Month so what better time to acknowledge the fine work of the two social workers at the Free Library.   Since July of last year, Parkway Central has… continue reading

By Donald R.   March 24, 2015    1

The Print & Picture Collection is pleased to announce two artist talks in conjunction with the current exhibition in the Print & Picture Collection Hallway Gallery. Join us Wednesday April… continue reading

By Laura S.   March 24, 2015   

Up Next! Three Bassists + One Drummer On Monday April 13 at 7:00 p.m., the Free Library of Philadelphia, the Producers’ Guild, and the Philadelphia Jazz Project will present the final… continue reading

By Adam F.   March 23, 2015    2

Perry Genovesi & Adam Feldman | Movers & Shakers 2015—Change Agents Music librarians Perry Genovesi (seated, l.) and Adam Feldman of the Free Library of… continue reading

By Samantha M.   March 20, 2015   

On a chilly day in September 2012 a quiet, shy 16-year old-boy reluctantly makes his way into the Kensington Library, he is unaware of the fact that in one short year, his life will be… continue reading

By Sarah W.   March 19, 2015   

How many Philadelphians can trace their roots back to Civil War soldiers? Local composer and librettist Dr. Cynthia Cozette Lee can, and this history inspired her and her sister, Dr. Hazel Lee, to… continue reading

By Perry G.   March 16, 2015    3

The Reveal: Announcing LJ’s 2015 Movers & Shakers Congratulations to librarians Perry Genovesi and Adam Feldman!   Chandler named 2015 ACRL WESS-SEES De Gruyter… continue reading

By Samantha M.   March 13, 2015   

“Betiane”* is a high school senior with a 3.30 GPA and has aspirations to go to college and obtain a Bachelors of Science degree in Business. She has a pretty good chance of obtaining… continue reading

By Aisha A.   March 10, 2015    1

Our world is full of complex issues like gun control, illegal immigration, the national debt, legal marijuana, the right to public health coverage, and more. It can be tough to know what to make… continue reading

By Jamie W.   March 9, 2015   

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently thrilled many internet enthusiasts (and enraged others) in finally ruling on the question of the “ open internet .” The verdict?… continue reading

By Timothy F.   March 6, 2015   

Today Hoopla unveiled a slick new interface that puts you in touch with the streaming movies, television, music, and audiobooks you love even faster. The new interface, which the company calls,… continue reading

By Jamie W.   March 6, 2015    2

Brulee Catering Expansion Center City Proprietors Association newsletter Brûlée Catering continues to expand its industry leading repertoire of catering venues in the Philadelphia… continue reading

By Samantha M.   March 6, 2015   

About the class Learn how to create and design websites Learn HTML and CSS, the computer languages that make websites Experienced instructors will guide participants through online tutorials A… continue reading

By Scott P.   March 6, 2015   

Purim is celebrated every year on the 14th of the Hebrew month of Adar. It is a day of feasting and rejoicing, commemorating the deliverance of the Jewish people from a plot to annihilate… continue reading

By Joe S.   March 4, 2015   

Join us Saturday March 7th for the opening reception of Krupp + Nelson, the current exhibition in the Print & Picture Collection Hallway Gallery.  Meet the artists and… continue reading

By Laura S.   March 4, 2015   

What better way to kick off March then celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday? Today marks the 111th birthday of the legendary children's author, as well as National Read Across America Day .… continue reading

By Sarah S.   March 2, 2015   

The Free Library of Philadelphia is proud to present Framing Fraktur , a three-month celebration of historic Pennsylvania German folk art and its relationship to contemporary art, opening today… continue reading

By Michelle S.   March 2, 2015