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Today we were extremely disheartened to learn how dire the city’s financial situation is because the State has not yet passed a State budget. Along with many other very severe cuts, Mayor… continue reading We Need Action Now!

By written by Shannon G    July 30, 2009   

Free Library fans who take home stacks of books week after week may have met their match. Louise Brown, a 91-year-old resident of Stranraer, Scotland, is about to take home her 25,000th library… continue reading Bookwarm to Break Borrowing Record

By written by Shannon G    July 29, 2009    4

Fans, family, and friends mourn the passing of author E. Lynn Harris, who died on Thursday, July 23, 2009 in Los Angeles at the age of 54. The author of 11 novels, including Invisible Life and A… continue reading In Memoriam: E. Lynn Harris

By written by Shannon G    July 28, 2009   

Did you know that German immigrants started towns in Pennsylvania as early as 1683? If you have German ancestry, you might be able to connect with your Pennsylvania German heritage using the… continue reading Explore Your Pennsylvania German Heritage

By written by Shari K.    July 24, 2009    11

“Find what you love, and do it.” Author Frank McCourt relayed this advice while speaking to thousands of graduating students at my college commencement ceremony. McCourt, who passed… continue reading Author Frank McCourt, 78, Passes Away

By written by Shannon G    July 20, 2009    7

New this summer, an exhibit in the Parkway Central Library explores the history and meaning behind the hairstyles of African women. African Hair Styles: Culture and Consciousness features a range… continue reading African Hair Styles: Culture and Consciousness

By written by Shannon G    July 1, 2009    8