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Little kids love getting dressed by themselves and picking out their own clothes. In Seymour Chwast's new book, Get Dressed! , they will also have fun using their imagination by connecting… continue reading PreK Highlights

By written by Monica C.    August 30, 2012    2

By Mary W. Here in the Children’s Department at the Parkway Central Library, we are working to develop a natural learning environment for literacy for children of even the youngest… continue reading You’re Never Too Young for Literacy

By written by Michelle S.    August 24, 2012    6

Come check out our newest book display at the Parkway Central Children's Department! Our book bundles include three to five titles and offer a variety of themes to choose from:… continue reading Book Bundles Feature Staff Favorites at Central Children's Department

By written by Suzanna U.    August 22, 2012   

The Best Things in Life We here at the Blanche A. Nixon/Cobbs Creek Branch of the Free Library have had the pleasure of working with a lovely young lady, Angelina Smith. Angelina started out as a… continue reading The Best Things in Life

By written by Sarah S.    August 22, 2012   

In these two new videos we walk you through the steps of downloading library ebooks to your Kindle e-reader. The first video shows you how to add ebooks to your Kindle over a Wi-Fi network. The… continue reading Two ways to download ebooks to your Kindle

By written by Jamie W.    August 21, 2012    4

Starting school is a major milestone in a child’s (and parent’s) life - it can be a little scary for everyone. But not to worry - from funny frogs to worried mice there are lots… continue reading Books for Kids Starting School for the First Time!

By written by Rachel F.    August 17, 2012    1

The Free Library's got a wealth of electronic resources including ebooks, online homework help, research databases,  world-language programs, and more! Below, Electronic Resources… continue reading A Free Library Minute: Digital Offerings!

By written by Eileen O.    August 16, 2012   

A few months ago we posted a blog about the Free Library’s stance on the issue of publishers, ebooks, and libraries. We’re continuing to urge all our customers who believe that… continue reading Libraries and Readers Deserve Great Ebooks!

By written by Alix G.    August 10, 2012   

At the Free Library, we are always on the lookout for the best resources to add to our database collection. Likewise, we are constantly evaluating our current offerings to make sure you… continue reading News from Databaseland

By written by Jamie W.    August 9, 2012   

For students of all ages, the Free Library is source-number-one for information; that almost goes without saying. Though sometimes, when you’re struggling with a tough problem or trying to… continue reading Reintroducing Homework Help Online: What You Don’t Know about This Great Resource

By written by Jamie W.    August 8, 2012    8

Check out the hidden gem shared by Curator of the Automobile Reference Collection Kim Bravo: continue reading A Free Library Minute: Automobile Reference Collection

By written by Eileen O.    August 8, 2012   

In this edition of a Free Library Minute, Children's Librarian Rachel Fryd tells us about Summer Reading: continue reading A Free Library Minute: Summer Reading!

By written by Eileen O.    August 3, 2012   

The world lost an eloquent and acerbic powerhouse of a writer and political commentator with the passing of Gore Vidal on Tuesday, July 31, at the age of 86. The author of 25 acclaimed novels,… continue reading In Memoriam: Gore Vidal

By written by Michelle S.    August 1, 2012    1