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We all enjoy picking up a book and discovering one of the characters is like us; it's a thrill discovering, "Hey, that could be me!" In books for young readers, making that discovery… continue reading Own Up: Four Books, Four Voices, for Middle Grade Readers

By written by Jeff B.    March 17, 2021   

March is Women’s History Month and the Free Library's Author Events podcast has scores of aptly-themed book talks! To start you on your way, here are seven favorites from over the years.… continue reading Author Events Celebrates Women's History Month

By written by Author Events    March 16, 2021   

by Breshay Woods — Languages and Learning Center Intern Writing is an important part of daily life. We are expected to communicate clearly through writing in many different situations.… continue reading Improve Your Writing with the Free Library

By written by Lindsay S.    March 15, 2021    1

The Free Library Board of Trustees will be holding its third quarterly meeting of FY21 on Thursday, March 18, from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. The meeting will take place through the online meeting… continue reading Free Library Board of Trustees Upcoming Public Meeting on Thursday, March 18 at 8:00 a.m.

By written by Administrator    March 12, 2021   

by Breshay Woods — Culinary Literacy Center Intern What better way to mark the one-year anniversary of life under a global pandemic than with a number that seems to go on forever and can… continue reading Recipes and Recommendations for Pi Day!

By written by Lindsay S.    March 12, 2021    1

Welcome to Lillian Marrero / ¡Bienvenidos! Lillian Marrero Lillian Marrero Library  was built in 1906 with funds donated by Andrew Carnegie. Today, the library is a landmark in Central… continue reading Reference Desk: Culinary Literacy Programming at Lillian Marrero Library

By written by Jonathan E.    March 12, 2021   

March is Women’s History Month—let’s take a look at recent books highlighting women in science! From deep in the ocean and outer space to medicine and physics, women have been… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | Women in Science

By written by Monica C.    March 11, 2021   

Today, on March 10—or Mar10 , if you will—we celebrate everything about the red-and-blue-suspendered plumber with extraordinary jumping abilities and a knack for exciting… continue reading Digital Media Spotlight | MAR10 Day and the World of Video Games

By written by Peter SM    March 10, 2021   

by Breshay Woods  (Culinary Literacy Center Intern) Edible Alphabet  is a free English Language Learning (ELL) program offered by the Free Library's  Culinary Literacy Center.… continue reading Edible Alphabet Recipe of the Week: Spinach Feta Orzo

By written by Lindsay S.    March 9, 2021    1

‘Tis the season for thawing, Shamrock Shakes, and Spring (finally!). It’s also tax season, so we’re hitting you with some hard truths about everyone’s favorite topic:… continue reading Ask an Accountant: Business Edition

By written by Gillian R.    March 8, 2021    1

It's International Women's Day, but there are ways to celebrate and honor yourself (and the women in your life) all year long! Support women-owned businesses by patronizing and promoting… continue reading International Women's Day

By written by Kamilah C.    March 8, 2021   

Join the Adult Literacy Book Club, presented by the Free Library's Languages and Learning Center  and the Center for Literacy . Improve your reading skills while reading and discussing… continue reading The Adult Literacy Book Club’s New Book Selection

By written by Phil K.    March 5, 2021   

Read, Baby, Read is a Free Library initiative focused on encouraging early literacy development among infants and young toddlers under two years old. We work with 12 participating libraries across… continue reading Read, Baby, Read Presents Early Literacy Ideas: Animals!

By written by Sarah J.    March 5, 2021   

The New Year is a time to reaffirm commitments and resolve to meet new goals. Leslie Walker , Interim Director of the Free Library of Philadelphia, and Dave Edwards , Interim CEO of the Free… continue reading Reference Desk: Candid Conversations with Leslie and Dave!

By written by Jonathan E.    March 4, 2021   

29 weeks, 374.25 miles, 56 libraries*. That’s the tremendous endeavor Free Library patron and supporter Carolyn Redmond accomplished during the COVID-19 pandemic—to travel to all of… continue reading 29 Weeks, 374.25 Miles, 56 Libraries: A Library Patron's Journey

By written by Jamie K.    March 4, 2021    6

This blog post was written by Becky Shaknovich, Department Head of Parkway Central Library's Children's Department and Field Teen Center . Becky was a member of Cohort 7 of the Skills… continue reading Storytime Pivots During COVID Times

By written by Community-Centered Libraries    March 3, 2021   

Inspiration comes with a few simple elements. For example, being in a quiet room might trigger your creative mind with a new flow of ideas. Each one of us has a different approach. Maybe you like… continue reading How to Spark Your Creativity

By written by Mary Marques    March 3, 2021   

Regional Foundation Center  librarians are frequently asked about accounting services for nonprofit organizations. As librarians, we love to answer your questions, but can’t answer your… continue reading Ask an Accountant: Nonprofit Edition

By written by Caitlin S.    March 2, 2021   

This March we are exploring titles featuring women during Women's History Month—our children and teen titles feature adventure and inspiration while our adult selections focus on… continue reading New Titles Coming to the Free Library in March!

By written by Rachel F.    March 2, 2021   

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